YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne apologises after "disturbing" video forcing her son to cry goes viral

10 September 2021, 12:00

YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne apologises for viral video of her ignoring her son's cries for help

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jordan will no longer include her eight-year-old son in her YouTube videos.

YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne has apologised after a video of her ignoring her son's cries for help went viral.

In case you aren't familiar with Jordan's content, she is a popular lifestyle, fitness and motherhood social media influencer from California. She has a son named Christian, eight, and currently has 537,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Earlier this week, unedited footage of Jordan posing for a YouTube thumbnail with her son went viral. The YouTube video, which was titled 'we are heartbroken', saw Jordan reveal that their new puppy Rosie had been suffering from parvovirus, a potentially fatal illness that affects unvaccinated dogs.

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YouTube vlogger slammed for "disturbing video" forcing son to cry on camera for views
YouTube vlogger slammed for "disturbing video" forcing son to cry on camera for views. Picture: @jordancheyenneofficial via Instagram, Jordan Cheyenne via YouTube

In the clip, Jordan tells Christian to come closer to her while they're in the car and act like he's crying. "But mum, I am crying," he tells her, looking visibly distraught. Jordan ignores that though, asking him to hit a variety of poses for the YouTube thumbnail whilst he appears to be visibly distressed.

Jordan received criticism for the now-deleted video, which she tried to replace with a version which did not include the controversial thumbnail photoshoot, before deleting that too. Many found it "disturbing" that she would ignore her son in order to get a good photo for YouTube.

Jordan has now apologised for the video in a YouTube video titled 'I am immensely disappointed in myself'. Jordan said she understood how it could seem like she was ignoring her son's mental health and said she would no longer be including Christian in her YouTube content going forward.

On Instagram Stories, she added: "I am absolutely genuinely horrified and disgusted with myself that I got to a place where I made Christian pose with me for a thumbnail in such an emotional moment rather than prioritising his mental health. I am horrified, so disappointed in myself I can't even tell you. It is not ok, it is wrong on so many levels. He will not be in my content moving forward."

Jordan confirmed that she had a conversation with Christian about the video and he was "completely fine" about it all. In fact, he doesn't even know what a thumbnail is. Jordan also revealed she had been receiving death threats, leaving her extremely worried for her and her son's safety. "I am always open to constructive criticism but what I'm not open to is people putting out my personal private information, sending death threats, that type of stuff is never ok," she explained.

"I'm not standing for it. it is absolutely terrible. I will take all the criticism in the world. I'm so incredibly aware that I fucked up here so bad. I haven't been able to sleep, I have anxiety, I am so disappointed in myself."

She continued: "I've never been been this upset with myself, or disappointed, or had this much anxiety over people messaging me death threats and things about Christian which are so past the level of cyber bullying and harassment that I've ever experienced in my life."

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