YouTuber Mel Thompson has passed away aged 35

28 September 2021, 14:55

YouTuber Mel Thompson sings along to Kacey Musgraves

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Mel sadly passed away yesterday. We lost a beautiful person."

YouTuber Mel Thompson has passed away aged 35.

On Monday (Sept. 27), Mel's husband made the heartbreaking announcement on her official Instagram account. He did not confirm a cause of death. "Mel sadly passed away yesterday. It’s really hard to just choose 10 photos. We lost a beautiful person. I just wanted to show the smiles she brought," he wrote.

"I’ve had to answer so many texts of people just checking in on her without even knowing of her passing. It’s great to see how loved she was. And she loved all you right back. I’ll continue to love her and miss her forever. She was such a pillar for our family.

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YouTuber Mel Thompson has passed away aged 35
YouTuber Mel Thompson has passed away aged 35. Picture: Mel Thompson via YouTube, @mel.thomp via Instagram

"The kids would talk to her non stop and she was constantly talking with them and trying to help them with their stuff. And no matter how bad she felt, she would still rub my back when I came and jumped on the bed next to her while she was working tirelessly to put out content."

The statement continued: "Everybody knows how talented she was as an artist and with her helpful knowledge, but those closest to her know how truly wonderful she was. She would have done anything to help anyone without a second thought. I wish I had her back."

Mel's death sent ripples through the beauty community who lead touching tributes for her. Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge commented on the post: "I'm so deeply saddened and shocked. My thoughts are with friends and family…. truly heartbreaking. Rest in peace Mel, thank you for always being so wonderful."

YouTuber Nikkia Joy added: "I am in utter shock. This is the most heartbreaking news. I am so so sorry for your loss, the world will not be the same without Mel." Meanwhile makeup brand owner and YouTuber Hindash commented: "I'm so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking news."

Mel, who often referred to her fans as "Beauties", has 170,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and she was known for her makeup content and product reviews. Her last video was posted on September 24.

In August 2020, Mel – who lived in Tennessee with her four children – revealed she had been suffering from health issues in an Instagram post. She wrote: "I am having a lot of health issues. One main issue being seizures. I had 2 on my birthday and was in the hospital. Last night, I had another one. I’m ok. I just can’t keep pushing myself and I need to rest."