Shane Dawson releases terrifying footage of attempted break-in at his house

22 January 2020, 12:17 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 13:02

By Katie Louise Smith

Shane Dawson released the deleted scenes from his Jeffree Star series alongside footage of someone trying to break into his house, his reaction to Jaclyn Hill's lipsticks and bloopers.

Shane Dawson's docu-series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star came to a close last night (21 Jan) as Shane finally uploaded some of the deleted footage that didn't make it into the other episodes.

About a week ago, Shane teased a two hour long deleted scenes video with fans, updating them on how his editing process was going. "I've been editing and I am putting together the deleted scenes. A current issue is there are two hours and fifteen minutes of deleted scenes," Shane explained. "I guess I'll just pick my favourite deleted scenes. There's a lot of them."

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In the end, Shane dropped a 36 minute video of deleted scenes, including footage from the terrifying moment someone almost broke into his house and was later arrested on his doorstep.

Shane Dawson shares footage of someone trying to break into his house
Shane Dawson shares footage of someone trying to break into his house. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

In the video, titled 'The End of the Beauty World', Shane opens with footage of someone trying to break into Shane and Ryland's house. Following Jeffree's robbery, Jeffree warns Shane about his lack of security and how people are now going to start coming for him. In real life. To rob him.

Shane explains that someone must have jumped the gate to get to their front door, as it was locked. Ryland is on the phone with the police as Shane watches a man walk around the house on the security cameras. The man then starts banging on all the windows, which is absolutely terrifying to watch.

Shane says he saw the man enter the garage and as he ran to lock the door to the house, the man on the other side grabbed the handle.

In the end, the police arrive and arrest the man on Shane's patio. Shane called the whole situation "probably the scariest thing I've ever been through in my whole life, ever".

Elsewhere in the video, we see Shane reacting to the second wave of James and Tati drama. Following Tati's second video, Shane basically just wanders around telling everyone to "shut the fuck up".

Shane also shares his reaction to Jaclyn Hill's 'lipstickgate'. Shane is sent a PR box from Jaclyn and opens the lipsticks to find them bumpy and covered in 'hair'. "They're all hairy, to the point where it looks like I rubbed it on my dog," Shane says to Jeffree over FaceTime. (Don't worry – he includes a disclaimer. He's not trying to dig up old drama.)

There's also footage from a meeting where a concept for a Conspiracy face palette was pitched.

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While coming up with ideas as for what products to include in the Conspiracy collection, Shane suggests the idea of using some of the shades to create a highlighter. Jeffree then suggests that they could create a face palette that includes two highlights and two blushes – something that hasn't been done at Jeffree Star Cosmetics before.

In the end, the product is rejected. But it's likely that we might see something similar in Jeffree's collection very soon.

Shane and Jeffree discuss a Conspiracy face palette
Shane and Jeffree discuss a Conspiracy face palette. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

The video also includes bloopers from random episodes, we see Shane opening his first PR box from Fenty Beauty (worth $1237), there's an extended chat with Morgan Adams about how rude beauty Instagram influencers can be and there's also a look inside Shane's Beauty Room.

Shane also reveals that he was added to Kat Von D's PR list. He later asked to be removed completely, presumably out of loyalty to Jeffree and his brand.

While some fans were hoping for a bigger glimpse at Shane's reaction to Tati Westbrook's initial video, Shane decided to leave that out. Everyone has moved on. Everyone is over's done! And now so is this series. Byeeeee.