Shane Dawson hints at new 2020 YouTube series on Instagram

14 December 2019, 13:52

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

In an Instagram Q&A, Shane teased work on a new 2020 series that he says he's "fascinated and scared by".

Shane Dawson has had a banner year. In 2019, the YouTuber officially entered the world of beauty under the tutelage of Jeffree Star after the pair collaborated on their Conspiracy Collection, released back in November. Shane also documented the run-up to the beauty launch in his most recent documentary series.

Now, Shane and his fans are looking ahead to 2020 and the YouTuber says he already has an idea about what he'll be focusing on in his next YouTube series.

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In an Instagram Q&A, Shane answered questions about what he has planned for 2020 and whether or not he would do another palette. "What's next for you in 2020, career or life wise?" asked one fan.

Shane responded that he'll be focusing on family and a potential new series. "Focusing on family stuff this year. also gonna try to do a series about something i'm fascinated and scared by."

Fascinated and scared by?!

Shane Dawson 2020 YouTube series
Shane Dawson 2020 YouTube series. Picture: Shane Dawson Instagram Stories

Yes, that's mega cryptic but Shane usually delivers when it comes to topics for his YouTube documentary series. Shane being "scared" by the topic could hint at an in-depth look at another buzzworthy YouTuber. His past series have focused on huge and sometimes controversial YouTubers like Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star and Eugenia Cooney.

Meanwhile, fans also wanted to know whether another palette could ever be in the works for Shane. Somehow Shane managed to be even MORE cryptic about that.

"My pants are always covered in eye shadow pigments and glitters because i love them so much. the process of creating a palette was the most creatively fulfilling experience of my whole life. i'm so grateful for jeffree showing me a new outlet for my anxiety and something to reinspire me."

Shane Dawson eye shadow palette 2020
Shane Dawson eye shadow palette 2020. Picture: Shane Dawson Instagram

Okay, so it's not an explicit yes. However, Shane has made it clear that working on the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and collection was a "creatively fulfilling" experience for him which is good!

We also know that a Conspiracy collection restock is coming in 2020 as well.

If 2020 means Shane releases a new series, a restock, and (potentially!!) a new palette, we can already call the year a success.

What do you guys think? What topic do you think Shane will cover in his next documentary series?