Halsey surprised her friends with thousands of dollars in their Easter eggs

23 April 2019, 17:46

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Halsey's friends reacted hilariously after the singer revealed she'd hidden cash in their Easter eggs

Your favourite celebrities looked like they had a blast celebrating Easter weekend. Some attended Coachella weekend 2 and many spent time with their families and friends. Singer Halsey shared details of her good time over Easter weekend and revealed that she gave her friends a special treat for the holiday.

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Over the weekend, the "Bad At Love" singer shared a video of her excited friends with the caption "I hid a couple grand in Easter eggs in the yard and now everybody is acting brad new".

In the video, Halsey's pals can be seen hilariously prepping their bags and stretching for the egg hunt. Imagine finding an egg with "a couple grand" inside. We'd stan the Easter bunny forever, tbh.

Their excitement is clearly a mood and we wish we could relate.

Halsey and her friends' Easter weekend videos also revealed some lush baskets (someone received BTS' new album, Persona) and a delicious looking spread that we can practically smell through our screens. YUNGBLUD even tried his first marshmallow peep! A rite of passage.

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halseys spread for easter dinner

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We just have a few questions. Who found the money egg(s)? Is this an annual tradition? And can we score an invite to next year's get together?

What do you guys think? How did you and your friends celebrate the long weekend?