All 102 Little Mix songs ranked

19 August 2021, 09:44 | Updated: 19 August 2021, 13:09

By Sam Prance

'Wings'? 'Move'? 'Black Magic'? 'Shout Out to My Ex'? 'Confetti'? Only one song can be number one.

10 years ago, four strangers, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards, were asked to form a girl group and the rest is history. It's impossible to imagine British pop over the past decade without Little Mix. From 'Wings' to 'Black Magic' and 'Shout Out to My Ex' to 'Sweet Melody', the girls have dominated the charts with hit after hit after hit.

In fact, Little Mix are so successful that they've just announced their very first Greatest Hits album called Between Us and it will come out worldwide on November 12th with five brand new unheard songs, alongside all of the Little Mix classics we know and love. Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie are keeping us fed. You can pre-order it and find out more about it here.

How do all of Little Mix's songs hold up, though? And how would we rank them from weakest to strongest? Of course, this is Little Mix so none of their songs are bad, but we have carefully worked through their discography and put together an official ranking of all 102 of their tracks to date.

Don't agree with us? Let us know what your personal favourites are.

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All 102 Little Mix songs ranked
All 102 Little Mix songs ranked. Picture: Callum Shots for RCA, Syco

102) 'Canonball', Cannonball

The girls did a great job with it but whoever made Little Mix release this as their X Factor winner's single should be charged with crimes against pop music.

101) 'Dreamin' Together', Hanadokei

In 2015, Little Mix released a cute collab with J-pop band Flower. It's lovely but it's not really a Little Mix song.

100) 'We Are Who We Are', DNA

A sweet, uplifting anthem but it doesn't compare to the rest of the girls' discography.

99) 'Beep Beep', Glory Days

'Beep Beep' wants what 'A.D.I.D.A.S' has.

98) 'Oops (feat. Charlie Puth)', Glory Days

Little Mix sell the hell out of this album track but Charlie Puth can write better bops than this.

97) 'Une autre personne', A L'infini

Only the diehard mixers will know about this 2013 feature with French singer TAL. It's hardly an essential part of Little Mix's discography but the way Leigh-Anne proclaims 'T-A-L, Little Mix on the beat' is iconic.

96) 'Freak', Glory Days

Some fun elements to this one but altogether it's a bit of a mess.

95) 'See Me Now', Salute

The fact that this is the weakest song on Salute is a testament to how good Salute is.

94) 'The National Manthem, LM5

Great intro. Beautiful intro.

93) 'Make You Believe', DNA

The harmonies in the middle eight WILL make you believe in love again.

92) 'I Won't', Get Weird

A peppy little number.

91) 'Stand Down', Salute

Salute has stronger songs with this vibe but the scatting on this is the best use of scatting by a girl group since Destiny's Child released 'Bootylicious'.

90) 'Down & Dirty', Glory Days

Getting a 'We international divas / But I started out making your pizzas' tattoo.

89) 'Gloves Up', Confetti

Some amazing Sia-esque vocals from Perrie on this one.

88) 'Clued Up', Get Weird

A very pure ode to their younger selves co-written with J-J-J-Jessie J.

87) 'F.U.', Glory Days

Petition to update the alphabet order to 'A.B.C.D.E.F.U.' in honour of this song.

86) 'One I've Been Missing', One I've Been Missing

Christmas singles need time to establish themselves as festive classics but this has all of the makings of one.

85) 'Pretend It's OK', DNA

A little by the numbers as far as Little Mix ballads go but it will ruin you if you are pretending it's ok when listening to it.

84) 'Turn Your Face', DNA

The way that Jade's voice sounds like it's about to break in the first chorus. That's talent.

83) 'The Beginning', Get Weird

Little Mix sing 'I know we've come so far but it's just the beginning' on this and they didn't lie. Prophetesses of pop.

82) 'OMG', Get Weird

A song about being so hot that boys constantly fall in love with you. What's not to love?

81) 'Madhouse', DNA

Pop has rightly grown out of mental institution metaphors since 2013 but there's no denying how much this slaps.

The BRIT Awards 2021 - Media Room
The BRIT Awards 2021 - Media Room. Picture: JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

80) 'My Love Won't Let You Down', Confetti

A touching piano-led ode to Little Mix's friendship.

79) 'Lightning', Get Weird

Yes, that is Little Mix singing in Latin in the middle eight. When will your faves?

78) 'Always Be Together', DNA

Little Mix used to dedicate this song to each other every night on the DNA tour. No. I'm not crying. You are.

77) 'Word Up!', Word Up!

An excellent cover. Negative points though because it robbed us of a fourth Salute single.

76) 'They Just Don't Know You', Salute

Little Mix's ultimate us-against-the-world anthem for anyone who's been in a relationship their family doesn't approve of.

75) 'Going Nowhere', DNA

Contains one of Leigh-Anne's standout rap verses complete with Jesy beatboxing in the background.

74) 'Case Closed', DNA

An entire courtroom drama in a song and it's just as gripping as any episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

73) 'Breathe', Confetti

A gorgeous, understated, R&B-influenced album closer.

72) 'Love Drunk', DNA

Chaotic excellence.

71) 'You Gotta Not', Glory Days

Are the lyrics on this song questionable? Yes. Is the key change undeniably good? Also yes.

70) 'Told You So', LM5

Destiny's Child style vocal arrangements and a lyric about putting a kettle on? I love Little Mix.

69) 'Red Planet (feat. T-Boz)', DNA

Who had T-Boz on the first album? Who had Kelly Rowland saying 'They a problem'?

68) 'The End', Get Weird

Acapella greatness by four of the UK's best vocalists.

67) 'Stereo Soldier', DNA

Any song inspired by Beyoncé's 'End of Time' deserves praise and 'Stereo Soldier' never gets old.

66) 'Nobody Like You', Glory Days

Perrie's voice in the bridge and the final chorus is out of this world.

65) 'Towers', Salute

Another impeccably crafted ballad from our girls. Perfect to wallow in your feelings to post-breakup.

64) 'Grown', Get Weird

Another impeccably crafted bop from our girls. Perfect to remind you of your worth post-breakup.

63) 'These Four Walls', Salute

Few artists can convey the emotion a ballad requires as well as Little Mix and 'These Four Walls' is proof of that.

62) 'I Love You', Get Weird

Mid-tempo magic for anyone still in love with their ex.

61) 'Only You', LM5

Little Mix's first DJ feature proves that every DJ should be clamouring to get Little Mix singing on their tracks.

Little Mix "DNA" CD Signing And Meet And Greet
Little Mix "DNA" CD Signing And Meet And Greet. Picture: Bobby Bank/WireImage

60) 'Not a Pop Song', Confetti

Simon Cowell found rotting.

59) 'Woman's World', LM5

Feminist storytelling with Christina Aguilera worthy vocals? Jade's foot was in her bag when she co-wrote this one.

58) 'Nothing But My Feelings', Confetti

The sweetest song about casual hook-ups you'll ever hear.

57) 'A Different Beat', Salute

Jesy's call and response intro is a top-tier Little Mix moment.

56) 'If You Want My Love', Confetti

The best *NSYNC song that *NSYNC never released.

55) 'More Than Words (feat. Kamille)', LM5

Little Mix work with Timbaland more challenge.

54) 'Mr Loverboy', Salute

A classic old-school jam about being head-over-heels in love.

53) 'Love a Girl Right', LM5

Turning the 'Thong Song' into a female empowerment anthem? A little bit iconic, luv.

52) 'Dear Lover', Glory Days

All of the Glory Days: Platinum Edition tracks are great and this song is no exception.

51) 'Weird People', Get Weird

Prince-inspired brilliance. It's physically impossible to listen to this song without smiling.

50) 'A.D.I.D.A.S', Get Weird

3 minutes and 22 seconds of glorious filth.

49) 'Your Love', Glory Days

A gorgeous, wee love song and Leigh-Anne's middle eight is nothing short of transcendent.

48) 'Competition', Salute

Of course, Little Mix support men's's rights to shut the fuck up.

47) 'If I Get My Way', Glory Days

RAYE knows how to write a song and this Little Mix bop she co-wrote is up there with some of her best work.

46) 'Joan of Arc', LM5

Forever thinking about Leigh-Anne's 'drop it so low that your thighs get sore' delivery in the bridge.

45) 'Good Enough', Salute

Perrie belting the 'release your curse' part of this on the Salute tour. Chills every time.

44) 'No Time for Tears', Confetti

This deserves to be played on every future season of Love Island.

43) 'American Boy', LM5

The tempo speeding up and Jade sounding genuinely paranoid during her second verse? Inject it.

42) 'Love Me or Leave Me', Get Weird

Impeccable. Do not listen to this song while emotionally fragile though.

41) 'Change Your Life', DNA

They don't make inspirational ballads like this anymore.

Little Mix In Store Session At HMV Oxford Street
Little Mix In Store Session At HMV Oxford Street. Picture: Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images

40) 'Notice', LM5

The sexiest song about calling out a partner for not appreciating how sexy you are.

39) 'Private Show', Glory Days

This sounds like something Christina Millian would have recorded for her debut album. It goes off.

38) 'Rendezvous', Confetti

Sampling 'Sway' for a seductive sex-positive banger? We have no choice but to stan.

37) 'The Cure', LM5

Little Mix sing every lyric of this song with such sincerity. One of the most moving moments on the LM5 tour.

36) 'Reggaéton Lento (Remix) (feat. CNCO)', Glory Days

This song was already a hit on its own but Little Mix took it to the next level.

35) 'Strip (feat. Sharaya J)', LM5

One of Little Mix's most experimental and empowering songs to date.

34) 'Kiss My (Uh Oh) (feat. Anne-Marie)', Therapy

A perfectly crafted pop song and the Lumidee sample is *chef's kiss*.

33) 'Little Me', Salute

An underrated ballad Little Mix wrote to their younger selves and it only gets better with age.

32) 'A Mess (Happy 4 U)', Confetti

Jesy's middle-eight comes out of nowhere on this one in the best way.

31) 'Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)', LM5

Little Mix finally got their Nicki Minaj collab and it didn't disappoint.

30) 'Think About Us (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)', LM5

I think about Leigh-Anne's 'Do you think about me baby?' ad-libs in the final chorus at least once a week.

29) 'Nothing Else Matters', Glory Days

A euphoric end-of-movie moment. The perfect album-closer to the standard edition of Glory Days.

28) 'About the Boy', Salute

Perrie's 'Baby pleeaaaaase' high note. The exhale. The laugh. There's something about, something about this song.

27) 'Motivate', LM5

Another win for Filth Mix. May we all find someone who never lets us down when they go lower.

26) 'Happiness', Confetti

Little Mix sound sublime over garage production. The 'No Tears Left to Cry' of their discography.

25) 'Hair (feat. Sean Paul)', Get Weird

Every live performance of this song is life-affirming.

24) 'Heartbreak Anthem (feat. David Guetta & Galantis)', Heartbreak Anthem

This collab captures the spirit of what made David Guetta classics like 'Without You' and 'When Love Takes Over' so great.

23) 'Monster In Me', LM5

In a just world, this would have been a single. Little Mix's best ballad after 'Secret Love Song'.

22) 'How Ya Doin? (feat. Missy Elliot)', DNA

A throwback hit that never fails to gobsmack people when Little Mix perform it live on demand, harmonies and all.

21) 'Bounce Back', Bounce Back

Too cool for its own good? 'Bounce Back' stans, I see you and I stand with you.

The BRIT Awards 2021 - Show
The BRIT Awards 2021 - Show. Picture: JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images

20) 'Is Your Love Enough?', Glory Days

Another song that was begging to be a single. The 'one kiss you're falling in love, two much is never too much, three nights in a row I don't stop' countdown is pop at its finest.

19) 'Holiday', Confetti

A song that effortlessly captures how dreamy true love and lust can be. Jade's chorus is pop perfection.

18) 'Wings', DNA

The one that really started it all. Vocal-led, uplifting and full of personality? This is how you do a debut single.

17) 'Confetti (feat. Saweetie)', Confetti

Every aspect of this is boppulent and the Saweetie guest verse is her best guest verse to date.

16) 'Love Me Like You', Get Weird

The 'L-O-V-E love the way you give it to me' breakdown. Ah, that's history.

15) 'Nothing Feels Like You', Salute

Joy in song form. The fourth Salute single that never was.

14) 'Salute', Salute

This banger is bonkers and no Little Mix setlist is complete without it.

13) 'No More Sad Songs', Glory Days

A true dancing with tears in your eyes moment. The remix is great but Jesy's original middle eight is superior.

12) 'Boy', Salute

I listen to singers. I very rarely listen to people who cannot sing.

11) 'Wasabi', LM5


10) 'Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)', Get Weird

One of the best ballads of the 2010s and 'Secret Love Song, Pt. II' is a highlight of every Little Mix live show.

9) 'Power (feat. Stormzy)', Glory Days

Motorbike, motorbike, motorbike, motorbike. Bike, bike, bike, bike. Bike, bike, bike, bike, bike, bike, whoop.

8) 'DNA', DNA

Jesy and Perrie's low vocals! Jade's pre-chorus! Leigh-Anne's middle eight! The operatic breakdown!

7) 'Break Up Song', Confetti

Jade's bridge into Leigh-Anne's ad-lib was the best musical moment of 2020.

6) 'Shout Out to My Ex', Glory Days

Their biggest song to date and the perfect kiss-off to any ex. A triumph in every sense of the word.

5) 'Black Magic', Get Weird

Another instant classic. Graduations! Weddings! Funerals! 'Black Magic' has been played at them all.

4) 'Forget You Not', LM5

Little Mix have the talent to elevate good songs into greatness but this hidden gem is just as brilliant as they are.

3) 'Touch', Glory Days

One of the best melodies ever written and the floorography in the video is what pop dreams are made of.

2) 'Move', Salute

The perfect blend of cool American R&B and quirky British pop. Sounds just as fresh today as it did when it came out.

1) 'Sweet Melody', Confetti

Jade's opening. Jesy's 'doo-doo' refrain. The way Perrie sings 'he would lie, he would cheat over syncopated beats'. Leigh-Anne's showstopping bridge. 'Sweet Melody' has all the hallmarks of a great Little Mix song: experimental production, undeniable hooks, emotion, storytelling, drama. Most importantly though, it's fun and, just like Little Mix, it brings nothing but joy to those who listen to it.

Happy 10 Years Little Mix!