10 iconic Little Mix songs that should have been singles

19 August 2021, 13:02 | Updated: 19 August 2021, 13:08

Little Mix announce new album to come in November

By Sam Prance

A piece dedicated to just a few of the Little Mix songs that deserved their own time in the sun.

As one of the biggest girl bands of all time, Little Mix are well known for their signature hits. Songs like 'Shout Out to My Ex', 'Black Magic' and 'Sweet Melody' are so huge that you don't even have to be a diehard Little Mix fan to know how they go. Little Mix have just announced their first Greatest Hits, Between Us, and every single song on it is an undeniable smash.

However, any lifelong Mixer will be able to tell you that the girls have just as many iconic album tracks as they do singles. In fact, in every Little Mix era, there have been many songs that, for whatever reason, didn't end up as singles, even though they had the potential to be chart-topping smashes.

With that in mind, we've analysed Little Mix's brilliant back catalogue and picked out just 10 of their best deep cuts that rank alongside their singles as some of their best music to date.

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10 iconic Little Mix songs that should have been singles
10 iconic Little Mix songs that should have been singles. Picture: JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images, RCA

10) 'Love Me or Leave Me', Get Weird

A firm fan favourite, 'Love Me or Leave Me' is one of Little Mix's most heartbreaking ballads. Jade's middle eight into Leigh-Anne's final chorus is nothing short of spectacular. Little Mix have never actually performed 'Love Me or Leave Me' live but the song is so popular with fans that it's been certified Silver in the UK and has over 115 million streams on Spotify alone.

Little Mix - Love Me or Leave Me (from After We Collided) [Official Audio]

9) 'About the Boy', Salute

Salute is overflowing with single options but there's something about, something 'About the Boy' that screams single. The song is hook after hook after hook and, just like much of Salute, it's cool while also being incredibly fun. Perrie's bridge is also one of Little Mix's best. The high note. The exhale. The giggle. Music doesn't get much better than this.

About the Boy

8) 'Nothing Else Matters', Glory Days

Little Mix didn't put a foot wrong with their Glory Days single choices but 'Nothing Else Matters' would have made a brilliant addition to the collection. It's a perfect lighters-in-the-air anthem with the kind of chorus so euphoric that ABBA would be jealous of it. Not to mention, Leigh-Anne's 'your love so deep / body on me' segment is pop gold.

Little Mix - Nothing Else Matters (Glory Days Tour)

7) 'Boy', Salute

It's possible that 'Boy' is far too experimental to have ever worked as a single but there's no denying that it's one of the best things Little Mix have ever recorded. The acapella first verse, the impeccable harmonies, Jesy's beatboxing - if you've ever doubted how talented Little Mix are, 'Boy' showcases exactly why they are one of the biggest girl groups of all time.


6) 'Monster In Me', LM5

'Secret Love Song' is widely regarded as Little Mix's best ballad but 'Monster In Me' is right up there with it. Every second is dripping with emotion. Not to mention, the understated verses, the huge chorus and the final ad-libs all work together so well. It ends with the girls singing 'haunting me / haunting you' in unison and the entire track is hauntingly beautiful.

Little Mix - Monster In Me (Audio)

5) 'Happiness', Confetti

'Confetti' had five excellent singles. However, had there been room for one more, 'Happiness' would have been the perfect choice. The contrast between the pop verses and the garage production on the chorus is exquisite and Little Mix's voices soar over both in the most satisfying way. The Little Mix equivalent of Ariana Grande's 'No Tears Left to Cry'.

Little Mix - Happiness (Lyric Video)

4) 'Is Your Love Enough', Glory Days

The Glory Days era was basically over by the time that this came out but it should have been extended to give 'Is Your Love Enough?' the attention it deserves. 'One kiss, you're falling in love / Two much is never too much / Three nights in a row, I don't stop' is perfect pop lyricism. A sexually liberated sister to 'Touch' that never fails to go off.

Is Your Love Enough?

3) 'Forget You Not', LM5

What an undeniable banger. Not only is Perrie's 'bada-bang-bang' hook pop gold, but the vocal performances from all the girls are incredible. The way Leigh-Anne sings 'we can make this hard or this easaaayaaayaaay', the ad-libs, Jesy and Jade’s middle eight, the outro! 'Forget You Not' is cool, mature and expensive without ever being boring. A hit.

Forget You Not

2) 'Nothing Feels Like You', Salute

Little Mix have released so many great songs since 'Nothing Feels Like You' but it still stands out as one of the highlights of their discography. From the stomping production to the infectious chorus, it has all the makings of a Little Mix classic. So few love songs manage to capture how joyful being in love can be but 'Nothing Feels Like You' does just that.

Nothing Feels Like You

1) 'Wasabi', LM5

Throughout Little Mix's career, the group has been subject to a torrent of slut-shaming and unwarranted criticism. 'Wasabi' is the perfect clap back to anyone who's ever trolled them. The lyrics are iconically blunt and the production gives us everything from a club-ready chorus to a delicious rock breakdown.

Due to a label change, Little Mix weren't able to release 'Wasabi' as a single but the girls had the last laugh. It's since gone viral on TikTok multiple times and become one of their most streamed songs ever.

Little Mix - Wasabi (Official Video)

What do you think? Did we miss any?