Brendon Urie drags Straight Pride month on Twitch live stream

2 September 2019, 13:25

By Katie Louise Smith

The Panic! At The Disco frontman is HAD it with all that Straight Pride nonsense!

If you're not tuning into Brendon Urie's Twitch stream every time he's live then you're missing out on some truly brilliant content.

While he's writing and working on new Panic! At the Disco music, Brendon has been speaking to fans on Twitch about anything and everything. How much he stans Taylor Swift, how much he lowkey loves Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's relationship, how he got stoned and wrote a metal song...

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In one of his latest Twitch streams, Brendon called out the recent Straight Pride parade that took place in Boston over the weekend (August 31).

Brendon Urie drags Straight Pride on Twitch live stream
Brendon Urie drags Straight Pride on Twitch live stream. Picture: John Lamparski/WireImage, Brendon Urie via Twitch

During Pride Month earlier this year, a group called Super Happy Fun America announced that they would be hosting a Straight Pride parade in Boston. The parade took place this weekend and, according to several reports, a whopping 200 people people showed up. In comparison, the counter-protest saw over 1000 people. Love to see it.

Anyway, back to Brendon, when asked about the event on the stream on the same day, he said: "What do you think about the Straight Pride month fiasco? Is that a thing!? Straight Pride Month? Yikes," topping it off with an eye roll.

"It's like the All Lives Matter, it's like bro... that's not the point, know all lives matter but certain people are being fucking disenfranchised and killed and beaten and like, we need to...come on... is that real? Is that real, straight pride month? Get the fuck out of here, dude. We don’t care that you are straight."

There! You! Go! And to top it all off, here's a video of Brendon ending homophobia in less than 2 minutes. Bye.