Is Taylor Swift engaged? Fans think Love Story rerecord lyrics hint at Joe Alwyn engagement

4 December 2020, 16:10

By Katie Louise Smith


The time is finally upon us. Taylor Swift has officially started to rerecord all her old albums and she's already blessed us with a little snippet of her new version of her 2008 hit 'Love Story'.

Earlier this week (Dec 2), Taylor's new 'Love Story' recording arrived in a Match advert that was written by friend Ryan Reynolds. The Match ad also featured a reference to Scooter Braun in the form of a scooter on the ground by a dumpster and a '6' graffitied on the wall, to represent the six albums she's currently re-recording.

But according to fans, there might be another sneaky easter egg in there too. Fans have clocked that there appears to be a subtle lyric change in 'Love Story' 2.0 – and some think she might be hinting at her own engagement.

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In the 2020 version of 'Love Story', it sounds like Taylor has changed the lyrics in the final chorus at the end of the song. After the bridge, some fans reckon they can hear Taylor sing the lyrics "baby just said yes" as opposed to the original "baby just say yes".

Fans also noticed the addition of wedding bells before that lyric, which only fuelled the fire. Although it should be noted that the bells appear at the same time that Satan is being dragged into a church in the Match ad. It's not yet confirmed whether they feature in the final recording of the song, or if it was just simply part of the ad.

However, some fans are sceptical over the theory behind the apparent lyric change, pointing out that it actually might just be a better way to end the song and wrap up the love story. One fan wrote: "Maybe it is just a better way to end the song? Like the couple finally ended up together?"

Having the new lyrics confirm that Juliet accepted the proposal ("just said yes"), instead of ending on Romeo waiting for her to "just say yes" makes sense, right?

So, is Taylor Swift engaged to Joe Alwyn? Who knows! Maybe we won't even find out until they decide to announce that they're already married! We'll just have to wait until the couple are ready to tell us themselves.

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