Taylor Swift The Eras Tour setlist: All 44 songs played by Taylor revealed

22 March 2023, 16:25

By Katie Louise Smith

What songs will Taylor Swift play on The Eras Tour? Here's the official setlist and every song included in the 3 hour long show.

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Can you believe? After almost five years, a brand new Taylor Swift world tour is finally upon us! The Eras Tour is officially opened its doors in Glendale, Arizona on March 17th where Taylor performed songs from all 10 of her albums.

Since 2018, when Taylor embarked on her last world tour, she's released four brand new albums and two re-recorded albums. Due to the pandemic, Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights have yet to be toured, which means she'll has over 200 songs to choose from for The Eras Tour setlist. Narrowing all of that down into a 3-hour show? Sounds impossible, right?

But what songs made the cut? And what songs got cut? Here's everything we know so far about Taylor's Eras Tour setlist, including every song featured in the first show, how many songs she plays and more.

What songs are on Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour setlist?

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour setlist: What songs will Taylor play?
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour setlist: What songs will Taylor play? Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Amazon, Republic Records

How many songs will Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour?

The average Taylor Swift concert is around 2 hours long but The Eras Tour is a whole different beast... According to fans, the opening show in Glendale was a whopping 3 hours and 15 minutes long, and Taylor performed a huge 44 tracks within that timeframe.

Not all the tracks are performed in full, though – some are shortened versions. There's also a couple of little interludes that pop up throughout the show.

For context, on the Rep tour, Taylor performed 19 tracks in total, including several mashups that featured some of her older songs. For The 1989 World Tour, she performed 18 songs, while 17 songs were performed on The Red Tour and the Speak Now World Tour.

What songs does Taylor Swift perform on the Eras Tour?

Well, March 17th has been and gone which means we've finally got our first look at what Taylor has pulled together for fans. As expected, the set list features a mix of her highest charting songs, lead singles, fan favourites, outright bangers and tracks that stand out as milestones in her incredible career so far.

Here's the full 44 song Eras tour setlist, in order, based on the first show in Glendale, AZ:

  1. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince (shortened)
  2. Cruel Summer
  3. The Man
  4. You Need To Calm Down (shortened)
  5. Lover
  6. The Archer
  7. Fearless (shortened)
  8. You Belong With Me
  9. Love Story
  10. tis the damn season
  11. willow
  12. marjorie (shortened)
  13. champagne problems
  14. tolerate it
  15. …Ready For It?
  16. Delicate
  17. Don’t Blame Me
  18. Look What You Made Me Do
  19. Enchanted
  20. 22
  21. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  22. I Knew You Were Trouble
  23. All Too Well (10 Minute Version)
  24. invisible string
  25. betty
  26. the last great american dynasty
  27. august
  28. illicit affairs (shortened)
  29. my tears ricochet
  30. cardigan
  31. Style
  32. Blank Space
  33. Shake It Off
  34. Wildest Dreams (shortened)
  35. Bad Blood (shortened)
  36. Surprise Acoustic Song (Night 1's song was 'mirrorball')
  37. Tim McGraw
  38. Lavender Haze
  39. Anti-Hero
  40. Midnight Rain
  41. Vigilante Shit
  42. Bejeweled
  43. Mastermind
  44. Karma

('Tim McGraw' appears to have also been a surprise song. It did not appear on Night 2's set list. It's unclear if it will return for the Las Vegas shows.)

Taylor Swift's last tour was back in 2018 with the Reputation Stadium Tour
Taylor Swift's last tour was back in 2018 with the Reputation Stadium Tour. Picture: Getty

It’s also possible that the setlist will be slightly different for each leg she performs on. So while the majority of the setlist will be the same, the UK and Europe shows might end up with a few slightly different numbers. Same goes for Asia, South America and Oceania, if she tours in those places.

But of course, with soooo many incredible songs in her catalogue, some favourites are bound to be cut altogether.

Will Taylor Swift add surprise songs to The Eras Tour setlist?

Yep! Much like her other tours, Taylor will perform one surprise song for each show. Here's the full list of all the Surprise Acoustic Songs Taylor has performed on The Eras Tour so far:

  • 'mirrorball' (Glendale, AZ – Night 1)
  • 'this is me trying' and 'State of Grace' (Glendale, AZ - Night 2)

Throughout the Rep tour, Taylor mixed in some throwback tracks alongside the album tracks and mashups. Tracks like ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Babe’, ‘Better Man’, ‘Forever & Always’, ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Starlight’ (to name a few!) all made an appearance. Taylor’s list of surprise songs could include plenty of underrated fan favourites ('Clean', 'Death By A Thousand Cuts', 'State of Grace').

We'll update this article with every Surprise Acoustic Song after every show.

What are Taylor's most performed songs on tour?

Taylor’s top 3 most performed songs are ‘Love Story’ (491 times), ‘Our Song’ (404 times) and ‘You Belong With Me’ (381).

Of course, almost all of Taylor’s most performed songs are from her first two albums. As the list goes on, the Speak Now bops, Red bangers and 1989 hits start to weave their way in.

If you’re wondering what Taylor’s most played songs from her first five albums are, here’s a break down:

  • Taylor Swift: ‘Our Song’, ‘Tim McGraw’ and ‘Picture To Burn’
  • Fearless: ‘Love Story’, ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Fifteen’
  • Speak Now: ‘Sparks Fly’, ‘Mean’ and ‘Mine’
  • Red: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘Red’
  • 1989: ‘Shake It Off’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Out of the Woods’

Taylor has only had the chance to perform songs from Reputation on the Reputation Stadium Tour so far, but ‘Ready For It?’, ‘Delicate’ and ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ take the top spots when it comes to live performances of the Rep tracks.

Due to the cancellation of Lover Fest, Taylor hasn’t been able to perform Lover on a tour setting. (Yep, we’re still waiting on our first live performance of 'Cruel Summer'!) Folklore, Evermore and Midnights will also be making their tour debut on the Eras Tour.

What songs do you want to see Taylor perform on the Eras tour?

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