People think Twenty One Pilots and Halsey are releasing a collab called "Emotional Arsonist"

19 July 2019, 13:27 | Updated: 19 July 2019, 13:30


By PopBuzz

Rumours spread this week that Halsey and Twenty One Pilots were working on a collaboration called "Emotional Arsonist". It is unclear if the collaboration is actually happening.

Are Halsey and Twenty One Pilots collaborating? The internet lit up with rumours this week that the popular artists were planning to release a song together called "Emotional Arsonist". Now, members of the clique are questioning the claim, which seemingly began when reported screenshots from BMI (a music licensing organisation) began circulating on social media.

Fans have long used BMI as a source to find out about songs registered by their favourite artists before their official release.

Screenshots claiming "Emotional Arsonist" had reportedly been registered on the site spread quickly, however, the song has since been deleted from the band's BMI repertoire as of Friday (July 19).

Halsey Twenty one pilots emotional arsonist rumours
Halsey Twenty one pilots emotional arsonist rumours. Picture: @david_vopasek/Twitter/screenshot
Twenty One Pilots Halsey collaboration emotional arsonist
Twenty One Pilots Halsey collaboration emotional arsonist. Picture: BMI/teeentyonepilots/tumblr/screenshot

Fans had mixed reactions to the reported collaboration with some excited and others seemingly less enthusiastic about a potential musical offering. Others questioned how unlikely a collaboration is at this point.

"A twenty one pilots and halsey collaboration? YEEESSSS PLEASE," one fan wrote.

"Guys it just can’t be real like the boys don’t even follow halsey why would they collab with her ?? i also don’t understand why the screenshot says 'twenty one pilots feat halsey' if it’s her album wouldn’t it be “halsey feat twenty one pilots," one fan tweeted.

"Also it’s twenty one pilots ft halsey, i doubt the pilots would release a new song now and almost definitely not with another person," another fan wrote.

A popular Twenty One Pilots fan account, @top__today, also expressed doubt that the collab was actually happening following the song's deletion from the band's BMI repertoire.

Twitter reaction to Halsey Twenty One rumours
Twitter reaction to Halsey Twenty One rumours. Picture: @top__today/Twitter

So, is the Halsey and Twenty One Pilots collaboration actually happening?

Look, ANYTHING can happen. Never say never. But we need to hear it straight from Halsey, Tyler, or Josh before we get excited about this one.

So far, neither Halsey or TØP's camps have addressed the rumoured collab.

What do you guys think? Would you want to hear a collab between Twenty One Pilots and Halsey?