Bella Thorne's Twitter got hacked and messages with Jake Paul leaked

14 June 2019, 11:04 | Updated: 14 October 2019, 16:02

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The hackers sent racist tweets and released Bella's private conversation with YouTuber Jake Paul.

Bella Thorne confirmed that her Twitter account had been hacked after a slew of bizarre tweets appeared on her page. This came hours after Victorious actress Victoria Justice had her Twitter account hacked too.

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In the posts, shout outs to random social media accounts, pornographic images and racial slurs were shared by Bella's Twitter account. Screenshots from her Snapchat page were also shared to the platform.

Bella Thorne attends the LA Premiere of Universal Pictures.
Bella Thorne attends the LA Premiere of Universal Pictures. Picture: Getty/Twitter:@bellathorne

The tweets got even more explicit when the hacker threatened to leak nudes of the singer, which is of course illegal. Bella's private conversations, including one with YouTuber Jake Paul, were also shared.

The tweets were posted at around 1pm on Thursday (June 13) and were deleted an hour later.

Bella's team confirmed that her account had been hacked to the Daily Mail, however, it's not known if the hacker has been caught or if it was connected to Victoria's account hacking. The Assassination Nation actress had actually been flying across the US at the time.

Earlier that day, Bella shared on her Instagram Story that she had an early wake-up call at the airport because she was heading to New York to do press for her book The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.

She was also pictured heading into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by paparazzi.