Dove Cameron calls out Whoopi Goldberg after her comments on Bella Thorne's nude photos

20 June 2019, 15:53 | Updated: 20 June 2019, 17:07

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"don’t be an asshole! sexuality is part of being HUMAN. but judgment and objectification is not."

Dove Cameron has shown her support to Bella Thorne following Whoopi Goldberg's comments about Bella's nude photo leak.

Bella Thorne slams Whoopi Goldberg in video after being "slut-shamed" for her nudes

Earlier this week, Bella shared her own nudes after hackers threatened they would release them. Later, Whoopi Goldberg waded in on the conversation while on her panel show The View and argued that Bella should not have taken the photos in the first place.

In response, Bella shared an emotional Instagram video where she accused Whoopi of "shaming" her and making her feel "disgusting". Bella also cancelled her scheduled interview on The View.

Dove Cameron and Bella Thorne.
Dove Cameron and Bella Thorne. Picture: Getty

People have since come out in support of Bella, including Zendaya, Lucy Hale and Tana Mongeau. The actress has even been sharing all the kind messages she has received on Instagram.

"When ur friends come out of the woodworks to support u is all u need to be brave," she captioned the post. "PART ONE and thank u @dovecameron for speaking up SO much on this matter and posting on your grid."

The issue had clearly struck a chord with Dove, who shared an Instagram post of her own, as well as an Instagram Story in support of Bella, calling out Whoopi for not being "progressive".

Dove wasn't done yet either. After her fans began posting the Instagram Story to Twitter, Dove began sending tweets on the matter.

Dove Cameron's Instagram Story.
Dove Cameron's Instagram Story. Picture: Instagram:@dovecameron

She tweeted: "where is the support for young women. i love women. everyone should love women. don’t be an asshole! sexuality is part of being HUMAN. but judgment and objectification is not. ugh, i can’t handle to ugly.

"@WhoopiGoldberg please, be better. i don’t even have any kind words for you."