Jaclyn Hill responds to backlash after comments on celebrity makeup ranges

4 December 2019, 17:05

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Millie Bobby Brown, Kesha and Lady Gaga have released makeup ranges this year.

Whether it's "hairy" lipstick drama or Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics highlighter palette mishaps, Jaclyn Hill somehow manages to stay firmly within the latest controversy. Well, now the YouTuber is receiving backlash for a comment she made about celebrity makeup lines on Twitter.

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On Sunday (1 December), Jaclyn tweeted: "I feel like 2019 was the year that every single publicist looked at their A list celebrity client and said 'it's time to create a makeup line.'" Hmm. As we all know, Millie Bobby Brown and Lady Gaga are just some of the celebs that have released makeup ranges this year. And although Jaclyn's tweet seemed innocent enough and she didn't mention anyone specifically, her fans were convinced she was throwing shade at Kesha.

Jaclyn Hill on Instagram and Twitter.
Jaclyn Hill on Instagram and Twitter. Picture: @jaclynhill via Instagram, @Jaclynhill via Twitter

Kesha announced that she had created a cosmetics brand called Kesha Rose Beauty in November and she headed onto James Charles' YouTube channel to promote her new products in a video titled "Doing Kesha's Makeup!". Jaclyn's comment on celebrity makeup lines was tweeted only two days after their video had dropped, which led some to believe Jaclyn was indirectly talking about the singer.

Kesha's fans immediately thought it was a clear swipe at her makeup brand.

However, other's were offended that Jaclyn had criticised celebrity beauty brands when her own makeup company – Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics – was involved in its own scandal earlier this year.

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Jaclyn addressed the backlash in a follow-up tweet and insisted she wasn't calling anyone out specifically. She said: "To those of you trying to make this tweet into something it’s not.... calm down!! Seriously, I am clearly pointing out the obvious & NOT throwing shade! Stop trying to find alternative motives in everything I say. If I want to talk shit, I won’t do it subliminally."

And in response to a fan that asked why she was being judgemental, Jaclyn tweeted: "I’m not judging at all, there is room for everyone! It’s an observation."

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