Jaclyn Hill launches new Morphe eyeshadow palette after it leaked online

11 February 2020, 12:27

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jaclyn has revealed her new Morphe palette after it leaked online last week.

Jaclyn Hill is putting all the drama from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics behind her and releasing a new eyeshadow palette with Morphe. The YouTuber teamed up with the beauty brand – who also have collections with Jeffree Star and James Charles – again to create Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Volume II.

Volume II, which will be available in Morphe stores and online from 13 February, is another 35-pan eyeshadow palette containing matte, satin and pressed glitter shades. The palette, which is $39 (or £39 in the UK), seems to focus on pinks and purples, featuring everything from bright violets, to soft nudes and vibrant hot pinks. The range also includes a set of makeup brushes, which will retail from £4 to £99.

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In a YouTube video revealing the palette, Jaclyn revealed that she created her own eyeshadow formulas. She also explained the meaning behind her shade names. Speaking about the shade name "Thick Skin", she said: "Final shade from the first row is Thick Skin' because it's something I'm trying to develop."

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II. Picture: Jaclyn Hill via YouTube

She also addressed the shade name "Positivi-tea", which was accused of copying the shade name "Reali-tea" from Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's palette. "I saw a few people online who saw the shade names in my palette and they got upset because Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have a shade called 'Reali-tea'," she explained. "But you guys these shade names were named before I even knew they were having a collaboration. These things happen. I would never in a million years copy off of somebody."

Now, Jaclyn's palette was actually leaked last week (8 Feb), leaving her devastated. Speaking on Instagram Stories, she said: "There are photos of a palette floating around the Internet right now that somebody has leaked and people are wondering if it's real, if it's fake, if it's my future collaboration, and sadly yes it is.

"Anytime that someone leaks your product, it's devastating, especially these photos because the lighting is terrible and the palette is damaged. I don't know if someone did this out of pure evil or somebody in the factory was trying to make a dime, the whole situation just sucks ass because I wanted to post it in a genuine way from me, the person who created it, and to have that taken away from me sucks.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II vs Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume I
Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume II vs Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume I. Picture: Jaclyn Hill via YouTube

"But, I am just trying to bulldoze over that and take the power back into my own hands since I am so damn proud of this product and want to show you guys how amazing it actually is."

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This wouldn't be Jaclyn's first Morphe collaboration, though. In 2017, she teamed up with the makeup brand to launch the 35-pan Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette. The following year she geared up to release the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault collection, which were four smaller eyeshadow palettes containing colours developed for the original palette that didn't make the final line up.

Watch Jaclyn's palette reveal here.


However, The Vault collection was recalled before it could officially launch after influencers who had already received their palettes gave it bad reviews. It was eventually relaunched two weeks later.

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