Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: All the questions season 4 needs to answer

29 January 2020, 21:23

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's every question Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Part 4 needs to answer...

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 has arrived, and by now, you witches should have all finished watching. If you haven't, close this tab now because we're about to discuss everything.

CAOS Part 3 was literally that... Chaos. With two final episodes that seemed to mirror the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Sabrina as we know it was changed forever. Literally. Thanks to time-travel and the breaking of some very important time-travel rules.

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Like any good season of TV, season 3 left us with so many questions - mostly about the fact that there's now two Sabrinas and magic apparently exists on the other side of Sweetwater Riverdale, in Riverdale. Thankfully, the show has already been renewed for season 4 so it looks like we'll be getting those answers.

Here's every question Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Part 4 needs to answer...

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3: Unanswered questions
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3: Unanswered questions. Picture: Netflix

If Prudence was able to use Penelope Blossom's likeness as a glamour, does that mean she's been to Riverdale?

Or does that mean Penelope has crossed paths with Prudence in Greendale? To be honest, both explanations make sense but the confirmation that Prudence has been sashaying her way around the Southside would be iconic.

How deep do the Blossom family roots run when it comes to Greendale and the world of magic?

Maybe this is one for Riverdale to answer but, with two Blossom references in CAOS Part 3 and a LOT of previous comments about occultism and witchcraft when it comes to the Blossom family in Riverdale, surely there's a much darker backstory there?

Who were the group of occultists who tried to take Herod's crown from Benjamin Blossom?

Again, given the references we've heard throughout the years on Riverdale, it's not out of the question to suspect that those who killed Benny Blossom were members of his own family.

Will Lilith live to fight another day in Hell?
Will Lilith live to fight another day in Hell? Picture: Netflix

What came out of Father Blackwood's egg?

This will clearly be a key plot line in season 4 but honestly, what was in that egg? We know that Blackwood came into possession of it while at Loch Ness, and that he calls upon the Eldritch terrors when he breaks it open.

But we never actually see it... all we see is some weird flesh left at the bottom of the egg and all we know is that Blackwood claims it's "the beginning of the end, the end of the Spellmans, the end of all things.” Yikes.

Where the Heaven did that second Sabrina even come from?

Ok so, there's two Sabrina's now. But if the original Sabrina, from the original timeline, was entombed in Hell and physically incapable of conjuring any magic, how did the new timeline Sabrina even get there? And if someone conjured her, who was it? Because in the original timeline, Ambrose was the only one still alive...right?

There is, of course, another realm that we have yet to see... Heaven. Could the new Sabrina, who ultimately saved and kinda restored Hell and Earth, have been brought about from heavenly forces above to restore the balance?

Now there's two Sabrinas, will one turn evil?

Remember in Sabrina's dream when she saw that she had a twin? Well, it looks like that might have been a hint as to what's to come in season 4, as well as a nod to her half human, half witch self. Sabrina literally now has a twin, or at least a clone of herself. But with one living her life on Earth and the other as the Queen of Hell, living out her father's plans for her... surely that's not gonna end up well?

What will happen now there's two Sabrina Spellmans?
What will happen now there's two Sabrina Spellmans? Picture: Netflix

What effects will the time paradox Sabrina created have on Earth?

Again, Ambrose will probably explain what he warned Sabrina about in Part 4 but for now, the question remains. Of course, when Sabrina and New Sabrina™️ chose not to merge, the time loop was left open. The ninth circle of Hell may have its own rules when it comes to time but up on Earth... oh honey, Old Sabrina's got a big storm coming.

Is Dorcas actually dead? Will she ever come back to life?

At the end of season 3, Dorcas is officially dead, because Sabrina didn't travel far back enough in time to save her. Dorcas had already been turned to stone at the point of her return so... she couldn't be saved. But honestly, you just never know on this show, do you? Is there hope yet for our Weird Sister? (Probably not...)

Will Caliban return?

At the end of Part 3, Caliban is left trapped in Hell after Sabrina (in the new timeline) refuses to fall for his trick. But will he ever be awoken? And if he does, who will do it? Perhaps someone who could use him to gain the power they desire?

Sam Corlett as Caliban: Will he return in CAOS Part 4?
Sam Corlett as Caliban: Will he return in CAOS Part 4? Picture: Netflix

What will happen to Lilith when she gives birth? Will she be executed?

Lilith, still clearly hellbent on becoming Queen of Hell, becomes pregnant with Lucifer Morningstar's son. She's spared execution so that she can give the Dark Lord his second heir but once he's born, will she be killed or will she make her big play?

Will Nick and Prudence get together?

At the end of the season, Nick and Prudence, now both single and heartbroken after their break-ups with their respective Spellman baes, find themselves comforting each other on the steps of the Academy. Will they find solace in each other? Or is it just a bit of friendly comfort?

Does Harvey still love Sabrina? Does Sabrina love Harvey?

Oh, boy. Harvey Kinkle, what are you gonna do? While both Harvey and Sabrina are convinced of their love for their partners Roz and Nick, there's still a significant force pulling the two of them back together. Not to mention that awks moment where Harvey was unable to turn Roz back because she's not his true love.

Also, did Sabrina's cord-cutting candle even work? Maybe, but we guess we'll find out for sure in season 4. Show runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already hinted to The Wrap that it'll be "clear who is ‘endgame,'” by the end of next season.

CAOS Part 4 could not come soon enough.