47 savage Game of Thrones memes that sum up season 8, episode 2 (Recap)

22 April 2019, 12:30 | Updated: 22 April 2019, 13:42

By Katie Louise Smith

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2. Read at your own risk!

After a chill season premiere, Game of Thrones returned with another table setting episode, bringing even more reunions, drinking and an unexpected sex scene that had the whole of the Seven Kingdoms shook.

Winterfell? More like WinterFEEL! Just like episode one, episode two was an all-too-brief sentimental and emotional calm before the storm. After receiving word from the Night's Watch that they had mere hours before they needed to head into battle, everyone decided to live like it was their last night on earth.

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As you can imagine, given last week's reaction to the season premiere, Twitter absolutely lost it at some of the stuff that went down in the episode. Brienne being knighted! Arya and Gendry! Sansa and Theon! Daenerys finding out she's been doing bits with her nephew! The return of Ghost! The internet truly outdid themselves with the memes on this one.

What happened in Game of Thrones 8x02? Here are all the best memes and tweets from the episode.

Game of Thrones recap: The funniest memes from season 8, episode 2
Game of Thrones recap: The funniest memes from season 8, episode 2. Picture: HBO, Twitter via @SayJones18

We begin episode two with Jaime Lannister standing in the great hall at Winterfell in front of Legend Sansa, Queen Daenerys and the lil’ bitch of the North Jon Snow (Lyanna Mormont said it, not me!) They are deciding what to do with him, seeing as he’s presumably Team Cersei.

Jaime pleads his case and he’s not doing well until Brienne of Tarth steps up and backs him. Yes ladies, the reunion we’ve all been waiting for… Brienne and Jaime. Together again at last. Brienne basically comes thru for Jaime and, after a passionate speech about he helped her, armed her and armoured her so that she could save Sansa’s life, manages to spare him. Jaime stays, and everyone is happy… except Daenerys who starts taking shit out on Tyrion.

Oh, and in the middle of all of that by the way, Bran Stark delivers the most epic call back to the very first episode where Jaime pushes him out of the window. As Jaime explains that everything he does is for his house and his family, Bran replies: “The things we do for love…”


Bran lets it slide though, he knows how important Jaime is to their cause. Bran is chill now, he's totally over the twincest and the falling out of the window. That was like, so 10 years ago, you know? Growth.

ANYWAY - BACK TO MORE PRESSING MATTERS: Arya and Genry’s lil weapon house flirtationship. The two of them are back on their bullshit. Arya heads down to see if Gendry has made her weapon yet (he has not) and to find out the tea about the white walkers. She also takes the opportunity to show off one of her many sets of skills - knife throwing precision.

That weapon she wanted? WELL, I'm starting to think it's a different kind of spear, if you know what I mean...

The Jaime Lannister Forgiveness Tour is in full swing. He has a chat with Tyrion on the roof about life, his sister and their relationship. They're on good terms. It's nice. Lannister bros before hoes, for once.

He then stops by Brienne, who is out watching her men train for the big fight. They have a chat before Brienne realises this is the longest Jaime has ever gone without insulting her. Brienne, he's on his Forgiveness Tour! Let him live! Jaime reveals he wants to fight for Brienne! He needs her! She's feeling things! I'm crying! It's all too much!

Dany interrupts an important battle meeting to get some quality time with fellow female ruler Sansa. Paranoid Dany is confused because everyone seems to be backing Jaime and Tyrion and she can't understand why everyone trusts them. Sansa fires back pointing out that Dany should have never trusted Cersei, to be quite honest. Another BLOOP delivery from Lady S.

Sansa also pulls Dany up on her relationship with Jon and his bending the knee. Dany is clearly dickmatised and confesses to Sansa that she momentarily dropped her quest for the throne to join Jon’s fight, not the other way around. As we all feared, the aunt and nephew are truly in love... Yikes!

The two then proceed to make jokes about Jon's height (an episode highlight!) but juuuuust as we were enjoying a nice moment of sisterhood between the two, Sansa uncovers a crack in that snake Dany’s plan. Dany doesn't plan on giving up the North when she finally gets the throne and Sansa is NOT having it!

Before Daenerys can respond to Sansa, someone bursts into the room. Who is it? IT'S THEON, BITCH! The Greyjoy boi is back in Winterfell and he brings good news... of sorts.

He tells Dany that Yara has gone back to the Iron islands with what's left of the fleet but he will not be joining them. He will be staying in Winterfell and fighting for Sansa. Another person arriving at Winterfell and pledging to fight for Sansa instead of Daenerys? OUCH!

As Ser Davos is manning the soup kitchen and having Shireen flashbacks when a young girl approaches with a bowl, the Night's Watch boys finally arrive back at Winterfell.

Tormund, Edd and Beric bring news! The Umbers are toast! The dead are close! And everyone has like, 5 hours until the Night King posts up outside the walls of Winterfell and blows this place to smithereens with Ice Viserion™.

Jon Snow gathers the squad and leads a battle meeting. Bran pitches himself as the bait but his sisters aren't into it. The Night King’s main mission is to kill the Three Eyed Raven so that no memory of the Seven Kingdoms will exist. Seeing as Bran has been marked, he's the only one who can lure the NK in to play.

Theon pledges to protect Bran in the Godswood. LOL! Tyrion offers to help too but gets thrown in the crypt with everyone else because Dragon Mommy won’t let him fight. SAD!

With the news that everyone could be dead by sunrise, people start getting sentimental... and horny.

Westeros' best couple Missandei and Grey Worm have a moment just before he gets ready to fight. Grey Worm asks Missandei if she wants to grow old in Winterfell once the war is won. No! Of course she bloody doesn't! Missandei wants to go to Naarth. She wants to go home! She wants to see the beaches again - and Grey Worm is gonna take her there. He wants to take her on a whole tour of the Seven Kingdoms!

Keeping watch at the top of the castle is Jon and Sam. Sam is dying for the tea but Jon hasn't told Daenerys that she has, in fact, been banging her nephew for a hot minute. Edd arrives and they get talking about the war. Jon says it's cool if Sam goes down to the crypt to protect Gilly and Little Sam but he's not weak, fam. In fact, Sam is a badman and he has the receipts to prove it:

- First man to kill a white walker.
- Killed the Thenns! (Thenn!)
- Saved Gilly MORE 👏 THAN 👏 ONCE!
- Stole a considerable amount of books from the Citadel library.
- Survived at the Fist of the First men.

So no, Sam will not be going to the Crypt thank you very MUCH, Jonathan Snowseth. As you were.

AND NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS: Ghost, the direwolf, has returned. And when I say returned, I mean, he was seen on screen in the back of a scene for like 2 seconds. But you know what, at least he's alive. Long live Ghost!

Gathered around a fire is an unlikely group: Jaime, Tyrion, Davos, Brienne, Podrick and Tormund. They're all having some pre-drinks, seeing as it might be the last one they get before they're slaughtered by the reanimated ice corpses.

Tormund, who is desperately trying to shoot his shot with Brienne before he dies in battle tomorrow, pulls out all the stops. “They call me Giantsbane. Want to know why?” he says, leaving the rest of us to think he's about to make a dick joke. When absolutely NO ONE in the room asks why, he proceeds to tell the story anyway. Turns out he killed a giant when was 10, climbed into bed with his wife and then suckled at her teet for three months. The giant's milk is apparently what made him so strong.

I honestly would have preferred a dick joke, tbh. And by the looks of things, so would've everyone else in the room.

Arya wanders around and finds the The Hound. They have a chat, before they're joined by Beric. They have another chat. Arya decides that she doesn't deserve to spend her final hours with two boring old men so she sets off to do something a little more… fulfilling with her time.

Gendry arrives with Arya’s weapon and what, I ask, is more of an aphrodisiac than weaponry and a sense of impending doom? Yes, Arya has decided that she will not be dying a virgin so she finally gets with Gendry. But before she does so, she asks him how many women he slept with. He says three - and Arya wants know if he wants make it four.


Anyway, back to the pre-drinks. Everyone in the room wants Brienne to be a knight! But Brienne says women can't be knights because it's not tradition! Not content with that explanation, Westeros' number one feminist Tormund stands up and says "Fuck tradition!"

Jaime (who, don't forget is on his Forgiveness Tour!) concurs and takes it upon himself to make Brienne a knight, right then and there. It’s nice because usually, when a man tells a woman to kneel in this show, you usually know what's coming next... But no, Jaime actually knights Brienne and makes her a Ser. She is a Knight now, and if she dies, she will die a Knight.

Everyone claps! Brienne is smiling! She’s crying! I'm crying! She's never been so happy! Jaime made her that happy!

While everyone is drinking and having sex inside, the atmosphere in the grounds of Winterfell are much more intense. Warriors are suiting up, weapons are being issued and Lady Lyanna Mormont is preparing herself for her most important role yet: slayer of the Night King.

Dressed in her armour, the 12-year-old legend basically tells her cousin Jorah to fuck right off when he suggests she stay in the crypt with everyone else. House Mormont is hers and she's going to fight! And she's going to win. OK?!

In what could be the longest pre-drinks of all time, we go back to the room where Ser Brienne, Jaime, Davos, Tyrion, Podrick and Tormund are all still chilling. Someone asks if anyone knows any songs. Podrick does... And thus begins the set up for the Podrick centric sequel: Westeros Idol.

It's a yes from me! You've got four yeses! You're going to Hollywood, Pod! The Night King is shaking! Those vocals! Whew!

EVERYONE SHUT UP! Jon is about to tell Dany about his true parentage! And as we all predicted, Daenerys is shocked! But she's not shocked that she's been fucking her nephew, she's shocked to discover that there is actually a more legitimate heir to the throne than her. She has been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! And she's not happy about it.

But just before she can do anything about it, the alarm goes off and they leave on VERY uncertain terms.

The episode ends with the White Walkers arriving at Winterfell. It's time. Start preparing to say goodbye to your faves now.

The next episode of Game Of Thrones will air on HBO at 9pm on Sunday 28th April.