19 unanswered questions from Haunting of Bly Manor that will keep you up at night

14 October 2020, 13:34

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By Sam Prance

Has nobody in The Haunting of Bly Manor universe heard of an exorcism?

The Haunting of Bly Manor is captivating Netflix viewers this Halloween season but it's also leaving us with many questions.

Last week (Oct 9), Netflix released the highly-anticipated second season of The Haunting anthology series. The Haunting of Bly Manor is an adaptation of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw. Just like The Haunting of Hill House, Bly Manor is filled with ghosts, scares and wild plot twists that you won't be able to stop thinking about for weeks after you've watched it.

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The series does a pretty incredible job of tying up loose ends but there are still a few unanswered questions that fans can't stop thinking about. With that in mind, we've gathered together 19 of them. Do you know the answers to any of them?


Haunting of Bly Manor: 19 unanswered questions the Netflix series left us with
Haunting of Bly Manor: 19 unanswered questions the Netflix series left us with. Picture: Netflix

1) Why did Dani never see anyone about removing Viola from her body?

In the final episode, Dani welcomes Viola into her body and saves Miles, Flora and everyone else in Bly Manor. Over the next few years of her life, she essentially waits for Viola's spirit to fully possess her before drowning herself in Bly Manor's lake. It seems bizarre that she and Jamie never tried to find someone to exorcise Viola's spirit out of her?

Someone get Ed and Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring on speed dial!

2) Why did Miles and Flora never tell anyone about the ghosts?

We get that Miles and Flora were children and can't be held accountable for everything, but a lot of deaths could have been avoided if they told Dani and the other adults in their life about the lady in the lake and the other ghosts in Bly Manor.

Had Dani known to watch out for Viola, she would have never had to welcome her into her body. Not to mention, Peter and Rebecca would probably still be alive too.

3) What time did Viola start walking at night?

Given that Viola had the exact same routine every night, it seems like all Miles and Flora needed to do was time when she left the lake and returned. That way they could make people in Bly Manor aware of exactly when they need to avoid her path.

4) Who is the unexplained soldier man?

One of the hidden ghosts in Bly Manor is a soldier and we later learn that Henry used to have a soldier friend at Bly Manor. Was the soldier a ghost when Henry was there? Did Viola kill him?

5) Why did Hannah never question who Viola's footprints belonged to?

Hannah cleaned Viola's muddy footprints almost every night and, by the size of them, it's clear that they never belonged to Miles or Flora. Why did she never question whose they were? Did she know about Viola?


6) Did Hannah and Rebecca know about the ghosts at all?

On that note, Hannah lived in Bly Manor after the Wingraves died. How did she never come into contact with the lady in the lake or the other ghosts? And, if she did, why didn't she warn Rebecca and Dani about them? Likewise, how did Rebecca manage to avoid the lady in the lake? Was she aware of the ghosts before she found out Peter was a ghost?

7) How could Hannah not even realise she was dead?

In episode 5, we learn that Hannah is a ghost. However, Hannah doesn't realise this until Peter, possessing Miles, makes her look at her dead body in the well. How could she not clock that she was a ghost before? We even see her looking at her dead body in the well right after she dies. Was she just trying to convince herself that she was still alive?

8) Why did Viola never kill Miles and Flora's parents?

If Hannah and Rebecca didn't know about the ghosts, surely Miles and Flora's parents did? The lady in the lake literally went into their room every night. If so, how come she never killed them? Did they sleep elsewhere? Did they discuss the ghosts and the lady in the lake with Miles and Flora? Did they do anything to make the house safer?

9) Why did no one ever move Viola’s chest or investigate it further?

If the Wingraves knew about the lady in the lake, why didn't they investigate her further? If they drained the lake, they would have found the chest and could have moved it somewhere far, far away so that Viola wouldn't be able to ever return to the house.

10) Why was there never an exorcism at Bly Manor?

Living in a house full of ghosts without trying to get rid of them? Couldn't be me.


11) Why did the Wingraves keep staying at Bly Manor?

The Wingraves were clearly very wealthy. Bly Manor was only their summer house after all. It seems bizarre that they chose to keep on staying in a haunted house when they could have easily sold it and moved elsewhere. Not to mention, why did Henry let Flora and Miles keep staying there after Rebecca appeared to commit suicide on the grounds?

12) Why did Owen and Jamie never see the ghosts?

Owen and Jamie may not have lived on the grounds but they certainly worked there long enough to come into contact with some ghosts. It seems wild that they were so oblivious to Bly Manor being haunted.

13) Why was Rebecca so quick to forgive Peter for lying to her?

When Rebecca finds out that Peter stole money she wants nothing to do with him. However, as soon as she sees him again and learns that he's a ghost, she acts as though everything's fine between them. Something doesn't add up.

14) How did Miles and Flora lose all memory of Bly Manor?

In the final episode, it's revealed that Miles and Flora have lost all memory of Bly Manor and what happened there but it's never explained why. Dani saved their lives! They should know about that!

15) How many people did Viola actually kill?

While we see many hidden ghosts in the series and learn about some of their deaths, we never actually find out Viola's total body count. How many ghosts were trapped in Bly Manor at Viola's hands over all those years?


16) Why did present Jamie look so old?

The series only takes place over 20 years. It opens with Jamie at a rehearsal dinner in 2007 and then it flashes back to 1987. Jamie only appears to be in her 20s when she was working as a gardener in 1987. This would make her in her 40s in 2007. Why does she look well over 60? What did Bly Manor do to her ageing process?

17) Why did we never learn what really happened to the Wingrave parents?

In episode 6, we're told that Dominic and Charlotte died in an accident travelling to India to help salvage their marriage but it's never explained what really happened. Was there a plane crash? Were supernatural forces at hand?.

18) Did they ever recover Dani's body from the lake?

After Dani drowns herself in the lake, did she get a proper funeral? We need to know if Dani got the burial she deserved.

19) Can people still visit Bly Manor?

Jamie teases in her story that you won't be able to find Bly Manor today but she doesn't explain exactly why. Has it been renamed? Has it been demolished? Is Dani still lying in the bottom of the lake?