Atypical season 4 is coming in 2021 after fan uproar about it being 'cancelled'

24 August 2020, 17:31

By Sophie Thompson

Did Netflix cancel Atypical? Twitter went into meltdown as rumours circulated about the show being cancelled before it got the chance to air its fourth and final season.

With the coronavirus pandemic setting back filming, Netflix is officially cancelling some of its most popular shows. And while we're mourning the loss of The Society and I Am Not Okay With This, rumours circulating on Twitter sent the entire internet into uproar over a show that isn't even affected.

Atypical is expected to release its fourth and final season in 2021, but fans were sent into a panic when someone suggested that it had been cancelled.

The coming-of-age series was renewed back in February, and explores the struggle of navigating life when you're on the autism spectrum.

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Rumours began circulating on Twitter that the show had been cancelled.
Rumours began circulating on Twitter that the show had been cancelled. Picture: Netflix

The show has become increasingly popular, particularly because of its stigma-breaking nature and inclusive storylines. This probably explains why people were so upset at the possibility that it had not only been cancelled, but been cancelled alongside another show that gave amazing representation to the LGBTQ+ community.

The reaction was so strong that it began trending on Twitter, and people were seriously unhappy...

Fortunately for those that favour the show, they were nothing more than rumours. The show will continue (post-coronavirus of course), rounding off the story with a final 10 episodes.

For those who don't love it so much, well, unfortunately that's 10 more episodes you have to sit through. It's previously been criticised for its representation of the autism spectrum and glamorising it into something "quirky", so there's no question that its ending will be a welcome break for some.

Netflix has recently cancelled a number of shows due to uncertainty around production dates because of the pandemic, as well as rising budget costs.

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