This 'Alex Strangelove' Actor Looks EXACTLY Like Andrew Garfield And WTF

12 June 2018, 12:33

Alex Strangelove & Andrew Garfield
Alex Strangelove & Andrew Garfield. Picture: Netflix / Getty
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

They're literally identical.

If you've already sat down to watch Alex Strangelove on Netflix, then you're probably still gagging over the Panic! At The Disco joke or wondering what the hell that polyamory comment was about. Well, now people have pointed out that the lead actor looks SO similar to one of our favourites actors and, honestly, once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.

Netflix's new LGBTQ teen film follows Alex, played by Daniel Doheny, who's on a mission to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire, played by Madeline Weinstein. There's just one small problem: Alex is gay.

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Before Alex Strangelove, Daniel wasn't very well known, having only a handful of acting credits to his name, including a small part in one episode of Supernatural. Now he's getting a lot more exposure, and people are starting to realise he looks incredibly similar to Andrew Garfield.

The verdict is unanimous: Daniel Doheny is Andrew Garfield.

Someone give the casting director a pay rise.

Oh hun, you're more confused than you think.


It's truly uncanny.

I mean, has anyone taken a DNA sample from them both yet?

Please make this happen right now.

This idea is making us THIRSTY.

Credit where credit is due...

Can we take a cut of the check too>

There's an even wilder theory that Daniel looks like a cross between Andrew Garfield and Riverdale's KJ Apa. We're not sure we get this one *quite* as much but people are convinced.

Waiting for that Daniel Doheny Riverdale cameo like...

So, are Andrew Garfield and Daniel Doheny secretly related? We need all your conspiracy theories right now.