Daybreak ending explained: The finale sets up season 2 perfectly

25 October 2019, 18:23

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The ending of Daybreak season 1 leaves the door wide open for season 2. So, what was Baron Triumph's plan all about and will Sam and Josh be adversaries in season 2?

Netflix's Daybreak gave viewers 10 episodes of post-apocalyptic thrills. Colin Ford stars as Josh Wheeler in the instantly addictive dramedy set in Glendale, California. Throughout the season, Josh, Angelica, and Wesley face a myriad of threats – none more lethal than Baron Triumph.

The ending of Daybreak season 1 left the door wide open for a potential season 2. But just in case things got confusing for you towards the end, here is the ending of Daybreak explained.

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Warning: Major spoilers for
Daybreak season 1 ahead.

Principal Burr
Principal Burr. Picture: Netflix

Right, so what was Burr's plan anyway?

At the start of the series, Burr is nothing more than the unassuming Principal at Josh's high school. He's a bit of a stickler for the rules but, beyond that, Burr is harmless – or so we think.

Years of being taunted by rule-breaking students like Jaden Hoyles drives Burr to the absolute brink.

After some classic misdirection, Burr is later revealed as the man behind the Baron Triumph gas mask and, to say he completely loses the plot would be an understatement.

By episodes 9 and 10, Burr is determined to continue consuming children and he's even got a plan to blow up Glendale and "start over".

"First, we'll blow up Glendale, then we'll build a new world in my image," he says during one particularly expository exchange with Sam. "Safe, respectful and, most importantly, positive."

Later, Burr tells a group of his supporters something similar. He has to set off a nuke at the cereal factory in order to destroy Glendale and start somewhere fresh – "like Palm Springs or Arrowhead Lake."

Burr recognises Angelica's genius-level intellect and he recruits her to be the one who detonates the nuke.

Sam and Josh Netflix
Sam and Josh Netflix. Picture: Netflix

And how did the kids manage to stop Burr?

First, Josh and the others recruit some of their classmates to make enough noise that will draw a group of ghoulies to the cereal factory. Once Burr's supporters start to fight the ghoulies, Josh, Sam, Mona and The Witch face-off with their Principal inside the factory.

The kids seemingly vanquish Burr but they still have to disarm the nuke.

Through some quick thinking from Angelica, the group realise they can launch the rocket into the mesosphere and away from them. The Witch volunteers to be the one that manually launches the rocket, despite knowing that it may very well kill her.

The Witch launches the rocket and miraculously survives.

Sam Dean
Sam Dean. Picture: Netflix

Cool! They saved the day. So, what is the deal with Sam?

Sam surprised us all in the end by rejecting Josh's offer to settle down together and have their "happily ever after".

For much of the season, Sam had been treated as a damsel in distress by Josh who couldn't see her beyond his idea of a "perfect girl" that needed to be rescued. Burr underestimated Sam too, using her as a "human sorting hat" to help him keep tabs on other students.

"I'll always be thankful to you Josh. When you posted that video, you showed me who I could be," she explains.

Sam's charm and charisma are constantly overlooked. But, in reality, she has all the makings of a strong leader. So, when Burr is defeated, she's not interested in being a pretty little thing Josh can tuck away in Montrose.

"The apocalypse wasn't the best thing to happen to you, Josh," Sam says as she takes her throne. "It was the best thing to happen to me."

This perfectly sets up season 2 drama between Sam and Josh who now appear to be on opposing sides.