Jane The Virgin fans are losing it over the Gina Rodriguez monologue in the season 5 premiere

28 March 2019, 18:23

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Gina Rodriguez deserves at least 4 emmys for performing AND directing that monologue". The Jane The Virgin season 5 premiere blew audiences away with an incredible monologue from Gina Rodriguez.

Jane The Virgin returned for its fifth and final season last night (March 27) and fans dove head long into Michael's return and his amnesia revelation. Our protagonist was conflicted in the episode, as the realisation that Michael was back from the dead actually sank in. Gina Rodriguez performed a 7 minute long monologue in the episode and fans are already calling for her to receive an award for the performance.

In typical Jane fashion, Gina Rodriguez's character tried her best to manage the stressful situation, but she ends up having what can only be described as a small break down. Jane expected to be engaged to Rafael and had plans to move in with him. Instead, Michael has seemingly returned from the grave and Jane's emotions are at an all time high.

Jane processes the situation out loud in a scene that is emotional and frenzied and even funny, at times. In the lengthy continuous shot, the camera pans across the room with no cuts and Gina's acting ability is plainly on display in the season opener.

Watch the incredible Jane The Virgin monologue below.

What's even more impressive about the monologue is the fact that Gina Rodriguez directed the episode herself. And, in case you thought the speech was light work, keep in mind that it was seven pages long.

Jane has never done a scene so ambitious and according to Vulture, the scene wrapped in just 90 minutes (despite having 5 hours allocated to shoot it). Yeah, Gina was that good.

Fans were moved by Gina's performance and some think it's worthy of awards.

Jane The Virgin producers and writers had a lot to consider when bringing Michael back. How Jane would process the situation was certainly something fans were eager to see play out on screen.

With Jane's monologue, viewers got to see how someone might authentically respond to a heartbreaking situation like this. Though Jane The Virgin is known for its quick dialogue and fast paced shots, the soliloquy fits perfectly into the episode and gives viewers a ton of insight into Jane's emotional state.

Jane's return hits it out of the park and we have a feeling season 5 is going to deliver big moments just like this one.

What did you guys think of Jane's monologue?