Joey King Revealed How She And Jacob Elordi Got Together On "The Kissing Booth" And It’s Adorable

18 June 2018, 16:00 | Updated: 3 June 2019, 12:45

Joey King and Jacob Elordi
Picture: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix/Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

"After the first month, I was like, “Hmm, I think I like him.”"

Whether you loved it or hated it, Netflix's The Kissing Booth has taken the world by storm. The film, written by then 15-year-old Beth Reekles on Wattpad, has become one of the most watched movies in the US and the internet cannot get enough.

The one thing people are obsessing over the most? The relationship between actors Joey King and Jacob Elordi, who play Elle and Noah in the movie because - surprise! - they're dating in real life. The pair met in South Africa on the set of The Kissing Booth and have been sharing selfies and cute stories about their relationship ever since. Recently, Joey sat down with Seventeen to talk about the success of the movie and her relationship and it's honestly the cutest damn thing you'll hear all year.


Speaking to Seventeen, Joey revealed how their relationship grew from an on-set friendship into an adorable blossoming romance:

"There wasn’t one moment. When we first met, me, him, and Joel went out to dinner and we had the best, most fun night ever. By the end of dinner, we had like six inside jokes. We were so close and throughout filming, I was just best friends with Jacob. I guess there was no moment, but I feel like the friendship kind of naturally was like, “Oh hey, this person is super frickin' awesome. We have so much in common and we really love spending time together. Maybe there’s something more there.”

"It was never like this moment of “Omg, I can’t let him see me like this.” You know what I mean? We were open books with each other. There was nothing we wouldn’t talk about. He’s just so great. After the first month, I was like, “Hmm, I think I like him.”


She also spilled the details on how "nervous" she felt for her first kiss with Jacob - which happened in a VERY professional setting - and it sounds hilarious:

"Well, I remember the first time I had to kiss Jacob! That was crazy. I was so nervous. So, Jacob and I were in our director’s office rehearsing the scene. He like, “Ok, we’re going to rehearse today, blah, blah, blah, and we’re going to rehearse this scene.” I flip to the page and it’s our gazebo kiss, the super passionate, intense one. I was like, “Omg! I just met this guy. I have to make out with this person in an office.”

"He was nervous. I was nervous. It all worked out, but it was hilarious because I was in a small square office, trying to figure out how to run up to him and grab his face and kiss him. And you know, he’s pretty tall. Figuring that out the first time was a bit challenging. I think we hit heads a couple of times."

I am honestly crying in the club. The pair have been together for well over a year now and if their Instagram posts are anything to go by, it looks like they'll still be going strong when we finally get confirmation of that Kissing Booth sequel.

Elle and Noah foreverrrrrrr ❤️