Netflix's The Perfection is so "f*cked up" it's making people physically sick

30 May 2019, 20:26

By Katie Louise Smith

"My body can’t move and I feel like puking." Same.

If you thought Gerald's Game and Hereditary made you feel physically sick, then just try your luck watching Netflix's new twisted psychological horror-thriller movie The Perfection starring Allison Williams and Logan Browning.

Viewers have been hyping up the new film since it dropped on the streaming service, but if you haven't seen it yet, here's quick synopsis of what happens without giving tooooo much away: Charlotte (Williams) goes to a music competition in Shanghai, meets up with her old music teacher and meets his most recent cello protégé Lizzie (Browning).

Charlotte and Lizzie quickly end up romantically involved and decide to take a trip while they're in China. Things quickly start to unravel and true intentions start to become very apparent. Charlotte is not what she seems and Lizzie falls violently ill while on a bus trip in the middle of nowhere.

The Perfection is truly Netflix's wildest movie... ever
The Perfection is truly Netflix's wildest movie... ever. Picture: Netflix

The film contains plot twist after plot twist that makes you rethink everything you just watched - and ends with one hell of a horrifying visual. It also contains a lot of vomiting (with additional maggots), several graphic limb amputations, bugs crawling under skin and some shitting on the side of the road for good measure.

People are now tweeting about how physically ill it's making them feel after watching it.

Obviously, some might have stronger stomachs than others and the film might not even phase you at all, but there's no denying that The Perfection is truly Netflix's most fucked up film yet.