'Orange Is The New Black' Fans SLAM Shock Blanca And Diablo Plot Twist

3 August 2018, 18:16 | Updated: 14 August 2018, 14:56

By Sam Prance

And so are we...

Orange Is The New Black fever is back and it's spreading like wildfire. The sixth season of the Netflix prison drama dropped last Friday and fans haven't stopped talking about it ever since. Not only are there plenty of brand new characters to get to know and love (Carol and Barb, Daddy, Madison) (and some missing characters) but there are also major storylines for old inmates, including Taystee, Gloria and Piper.

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There's one thing in particular that fans can't get enough of though and that's Blanca (Laura Gómez - Show Me a Hero) and Diablo (Miguel Izaguirre - Love). In early seasons of OITNB, inmate Blanca Flores was rarely the centre of attention. She did get some iconic one-liners but she and her boyfriend Diablo were a little bit removed from the main plot.


However, in Season 4 Blanca got her own episode. In Turn Table Turn, we find out that she used to be a carer for a racist old white lady. Diablo worked as a gardener for the same woman and he and Blanca fell in love. However, because of this, the racist old white lady fired Diablo. To get back at her, Blanca and Diablo, had sex in front of her.

It's not clear what happened next but Blanca was imprisoned for something and Diablo was left waiting for her release.


Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black. Picture: Netflix

In Season 5, Blanca is more prominent (she is active in the riot) and in Season 6 she really shines. Not only does she get a storyline in which Diablo tries to get her pregnant in prison after she finds out that she only has a few eggs left (incredible) but she's also given an early release. Nevertheless, all is not as it seems. Blanca is actually sent to an immigration camp without Diablo knowing.

The final scene in which Diablo stands outside the prison with flowers for Blanca and Blanca crying as she finds out that she is not being let out, is literally one of the most heartbreaking scenes on tv ever. Of course, fans are outraged. Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some people are really angry and distraught.


Others are struggling to process it.

Re-write it, re-film it, re-release it now.

A lot of fans are crying.

Netflix give our hearts a break.

A couple of viewers are pointing out that it's sadly super realistic though.

US immigration policies really are that fucked up.

But maybe it's a little too real.


Ultimately Blanca and Diablo deserve better.

Rectify this in Season 7 please writers.