Twilight fans think Stephenie Meyer is releasing Midnight Sun next week

30 April 2020, 11:43 | Updated: 12 November 2020, 14:39

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By Sam Prance

Stephenie Meyer has started a countdown on her website and people are certain it's for a new book about Edward Cullen.

Twilight hive gather round. Stephenie Meyer has launched a countdown and it looks like it's for a new book in the franchise.

Ever since the final Twilight novel came out in 2008, fans have been desperate for Stephenie Meyer to release a follow-up to Breaking Dawn. Stephenie originally planned to release a fifth Twilight book called Midnight Sun afterwards, however, she stopped writing after excerpts from the novel leaked online. As a result, it seemed as though the book wouldn't come out.

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However, it now looks like our prayers have been answered. Fans think Stephenie is releasing Midnight Sun on Monday.

Twilight fans think Stephenie Meyer is releasing Midnight Sun next week
Twilight fans think Stephenie Meyer is releasing Midnight Sun next week. Picture: Summit Entertainment, Little, Brown and Company

If you visit Stephenie Meyer's website ( now, you will see that there's currently a countdown to May 4th which is this Monday. While there's no other information yet, Twilight fans are convinced that Stephenie is finally teasing the release of Midnight Sun, since she previously confirmed that she's been working on it again after parts of it leaked in 2008.

Speaking to Hypable about it in 2015, Stephenie said: "I’m [still] working on it. Every time I start it, something happens and it’s just like, ‘ugh.’ But… my mother is going to kill me if I don’t [finish] it. It’s more true than you know. This is all she wants from me. Every birthday, every Christmas present I get her, [she goes,] ‘You know what I really want.’ This is my life."

Naturally, fans are losing it on social media. One person tweeted: "I want to pretend like I am a well-adjusted adult, but if Stephanie Meyer [sic] releases a new twilight book I sure as shit will be reading it..."

Midnight Sun was initially intended to be a retelling of the first Twilight novel from Edward's perspective. It's currently unclear if Stephenie has changed the storyline at all and if it will ring true to the original but we imagine that we'll find out all about it (or something completely different) when Stephenie's countdown ends on Monday.

If the story is the same, it's unlikely there will be another Twilight movie but we can live in hope, right?

What do you think? Would you buy a new Twilight book?