Is Evan Peters in WandaVision? All the main Pietro Maximoff theories

22 January 2021, 09:34 | Updated: 2 February 2021, 10:18

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By Katie Louise Smith

Rumours about Evan Peters' reported role in WandaVision have been around for a while – but if they're true, who could he be playing? From Pietro Maximoff to Mephisto, here's the biggest theories.

There's only been a few episodes of Marvel's WandaVision so far, but it turns out that was all it took to have us absolutely hooked on Wanda Maximoff's mysterious new reality.

The Disney+ series takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame and is set to introduce MCU fans to S.W.O.R.D., a sister agency to S.H.I.E.L.D. The show will also add a number of new and familiar faces into the mix, including grown up Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). But there's one rumoured character appearance that fans are still trying to figure out...

Rumours have been swirling since June 2020 that American Horror Story and X-Men actor Evan Peters would be making a surprise appearance in WandaVision.

There's no official confirmation about whether or not Evan Peters is actually in the Marvel series yet but with the show finally here, theories about where the storyline could be heading certainly play into his reported appearance.

Who does Evan Peters play in WandaVision?

Is Evan Peters in WandaVision? All the theories so far
Is Evan Peters in WandaVision? All the theories so far. Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Disney/Marvel

If you've seen the X-Men films, you'll know that Evan Peters played Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver a.k.a Wanda's twin brother. You'll also know that that particular set of X-Men don't exist within the MCU. However, there's a number of theories as to how a potential version of Peters' character could appear in the show.

The first theory relates to the multiverse. It's been confirmed that Doctor Strange 2 will explore the multiverse, and that the events of WandaVision will lead into that film. Based on all the Spider-Man 3 reports, we also know that Marvel characters from previous non-MCU films will be returning, hinting at the multiverse continuing there too.

Could Peters' Quicksilver appear in a similar way, as a version of the character from a different universe?

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A second theory hints at Wanda' We know that Wanda is in a dream-like, altered reality where she's able to rewind moments and bring characters "back to life". It's unclear if she's doing this herself, or if she's been lulled into it by someone else who is pulling the strings.

Based on the rumours of his appearance, fans have speculated that Peters could be playing a different character altogether: Mephisto. Mephisto is a "demonic entity" who is able to shape shift, project illusions and manipulate memories. There's also been a handful of references to the "devil" in the show already.

Is it possible that Mephisto is actually the one doing this to Wanda and ends up manipulating her real memories of her own brother? Could that somehow result in Peters' Quicksilver appearing in her new reality?

WandaVision is already shaping up to be an MCU game-changer. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if the Evan Peters rumours are true in the coming weeks!