Here's what everyone from Queer Eye season 3 is doing now

19 March 2019, 21:33

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

What have the Queer Eye season 3 heroes been up to since they taped their episodes? Here's everything you need to know about Jody, Joey, The Jones sisters, Robert, Jess, Rob, Thomas, and Tony.

Season 3 of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix this past Friday and this time The Fab 5 headed to Kansas City, Missouri to help the next batch of heroes. The men of Queer Eye were there for Jody, Joey, The Jones sisters, Robert, Jess, Rob, Thomas, and Tony. But what are the season 3 heroes up to now that the cameras have stopped rolling?

They made us laugh, they made us cry, now here is what everyone from season 3 of Queer Eye has been up to over the last few months.

Karamo and Tan on Queer Eye
Karamo and Tan on Queer Eye. Picture: Christopher Smith/Netflix

What happened to Jody Castellucci after Queer Eye?

Jody Castellucci appeared in the first episode of Queer Eye season 3 "From Hunter to Huntee". The 49-year old mother and grandmother was big on camo print but got a hair and style update from Tan, Jonathan, Antoni, Bobby, and Karamo.

From the looks of it, Jody isn't a huge social media person, but she did post a tribute to the show calling it "life changing". Jody also shared a video of herself and her husband Chris harvesting paw paws in September 2018. She was back in a ponytail and camo print and looked great!

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Life Changing ♥️

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What happened to Joey Greene after Queer Eye?

Joey Greene was the camp program manager who was living in a tiny RV and working on building a stronger relationship with his son Isaac. On the show, Joey revealed that he had worked for many years to get his life together and had recently landed a great new position at his workplace.

While Joey isn't on social media, he did have plenty of nice things to say about Queer Eye in a recent interview with KCUR. He told the outlet that the Fab 5 had provided solutions that fit his lifestyle and "didn't try to put me into a house that they thought would look cool."

As for whether he has seen his own episode....?

"We're gonna try to do some different watch parties and stuff and gather with people," he told KCUR. "So that will be my first time seeing the episode."

What happened The Jones Sisters and their BBQ sauce after Queer Eye?

Everybody loved the Jones sisters aka Shorty and Little aka Mary and Deborah Jones. The business owners run a restaurant called Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City where they sell all kinds of delicious looking food.

In the episode, the Fab 5 gave the sisters a style update as well as some business resources that enabled them to produce hundreds of bottles of their popular BBQ sauce.

Through their Instagram account, Mary and Deborah have now updated fans on what's going on with them these days. Mary and Deborah have sold 11,000 bottles of their Jones Bar-B-Q sauce. They even ship the incredibly popular bbq sauce (but only in the US...for now!)

The pair even appeared on a recent episode of The Steve Harvey Show! Any interested parties can buy the Jones sister BBQ sauce through their website.

What happened to Robert Hitchcock after Queer Eye?

As we saw at the end this adorable episode of Queer Eye, Robert and Jamie tied the knot in the presence of their children, family, and friends.

Since then, Robert has actually gone to see two of his fellow Queer Eye season 3 heroes. He stopped by Jones Bar-B-Q and got a photo with Deborah and he even saw Jess Guilbeux perform at The Jazzhaus of Lawrence.

On his Instagram page, Robert called Queer Eye an "amazing journey".

What happened to Jess Guilbeaux after Queer Eye?

Jess Guilbeaux, (a strong, black, lesbian woman) had fans emotional af during her episode of Queer Eye. Jess opened up about not being accepted by her adopted family after she was outed in high school. In the episode she connected with Bobby and Karamo about her experiences and even got back in touch with her biological sister!

From the looks of it, Jess and her sister got together along with Jess' chosen family for a screening of her episode.

Fans have loved Jess so much that they've been donating to a GoFundMe sent up to send her back to college! So far, the GoFundMe has raised over $17,000 out of its $100,000 goal to send Jess back to college.

As if that weren't enough, Jess even got a shout out from one of her sources of inspiration, Janelle Monáe.

What happened to Rob Elrod after Queer Eye?

Rob Elrod's episode introduced us to the widowed father of two who was preparing to move into a new home. The end of the episode saw Rob host a party in his new digs surrounded by his family and friends.

As for an update on Rob, he doesn't appear to have too much of a social media presence. Speaking to Refinery 29, Rob confirmed that he has been enjoying his "new house and new life" since appearing on Queer Eye.

Queer Eye Rob Elrod
Queer Eye Rob Elrod. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

What happened to Thomas Diggs after Queer Eye?

Thomas Diggs was nominated by his sister Krissy who wanted him to be a bit more open to social situations. The episode ended with Thomas going out with a large group of people to celebrate his birthday.

Thomas isn't very active on social media but he seems to be doing well!

What happened to Tony Blanco after Queer Eye?

Well, as we saw in the final moments of Queer Eye season 3, Brianna and Tony had their baby! Their baby girl Rowan was born back in August 2018 and it looks like the Tony, Brianna, and Kai are getting used to their life as a family of four.

And, according Brianna's Instagram, the couple were able to help raise $400 for trans kids who go to the Gender Pathways Clinic at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City! AMAZING.

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Friday’s watch party raised $400 for the Gender Pathways Clinic at Children’s Mercy!!! These donations will help local kids become who they were always meant to be! If you would also like to donate please check out the link in my bio❤️ Thank you again so much to everyone who came out and made a purchase or a donation! And of course a huge shout out to my guy who can strut his stuff like no other, babe you are the best! 🥰😍 🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 @tonymfblanco @queereye @netflix @childrensmercy @ulahkc @shelbyherricksalon #queereye #queereye3 #fundraise #supporttranskids #goodcause #love #support #supportlocal #kc #kansascity #localkc #howwedokc #explorekc #visitkc #kcmo #kcmaker #childrensmercy #ulah #shelbyherricksalon #childrenshospital #netflix #dadlife #trynewthings #model #strut #supermodel #runway #antm #lgbt

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Queer Eye season 3 gave us plenty of hilarious and emotional moments. From Tan's pronunciation of "squirrel" to all the iconic transformations, the show was yet another bright spot for fans all over the world.

What do you guys think? Who was your favourite season 3 Queer Eye hero and what made you the MOST emotional?