QUIZ: How well do you remember the first After movie?

30 October 2020, 17:41

By Sam Prance

Only true Tessa and Hardin fans can score 9/10 in this After movie triva quiz.

It's safe to say that the After films and books are one of the biggest franchises in recent memory. People can't get enough of ambitious student Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and her romance with bad boy Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin). With multiple plot twists and steamy scenes, it's no wonder that both movies so far have been huge box office hits.

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How well do you remember the first After movie though? Do you know ever single actor who stars in it? Can you remember the entire script off by heart? Do you know exactly what Hardin wrote in his essay to Tessa? The only way to know if you're really an After fan is by taking this quiz. Score 9/10 or more and you're an expert.

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