QUIZ: Which Selling Sunset cast member are you?

7 August 2020, 17:14 | Updated: 24 November 2021, 21:23

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

C'mon, I have to be Chrishell… right?

Selling Sunset has finally arrived on Netflix for its third season, providing a much-needed distraction from the realities of 2020. The glamorous real estate agents of The Oppenheim Group have reunited with the latest series showing the details surrounding Chrishell Stause's heartbreaking divorce and Christine Quinn's dramatic wedding (The! Black! Dress!).

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It's impossible to not get sucked into the world of bitching and real estate. But are you as savage Christine, or sweet like Maya Vander? Well, wonder no more. There's a fool-proof way to see which Selling Sunset agent you truly are and we have all the answers below.