Where is 'Sex Education' filmed? Netflix viewers are confused by the show's setting

15 January 2019, 09:11 | Updated: 15 January 2019, 09:16

By Sam Prance

'Sex Education' fans can't work out if the new Netflix series is British or American...

It's hard to believe that Sex Education only came out on Netflix last Friday. In just over three days, the new teen sex comedy has won over millions of fans around the world and it's easy to see why. First things first it's all kinds of hilarious (that penis scene), second the cast are incredible (give Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa and Emma Mackey all of the awards) and last but not least it's moving af (EPISODE 5).

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The hit series follows Otis (Asa), who has a sex therapist mother and can't masturbate. Otis is a pretty quiet teenager but his life changes when Maeve (Emma), who is in his Biology class, encourages him to set up a sex clinic at their school as a way to make money. It's incredible, however, there is one aspect of Sex Education that everyone is confused by and that's it's location.

Where is 'Sex Education' filmed?

Where is Sex Education filmed? Is the Netflix series American or British?
Where is Sex Education filmed? Is the Netflix series American or British? Picture: Netflix

Sex Education is actually filmed in Penarth, South Wales, in the UK, and yet, in spite of this, the Netflix series has a distinctly American vibe. Fans of the show were quick to note that a) the students dress nothing like British students would (in the UK almost all schools require uniform) and b) only a private school would have the kind of facilities that Mooredale High has.

Plus, for a show set in Wales, only Maeve's neighbour has a Welsh accent.

Here are just a few of the complaints.

Speaking to Thrillist about the inspiration behind the show's setting, its creator Laurie Nunn said: "We all absolutely love the teen genre, particularly the John Hughes films of the 1980s so we really wanted to make the show have the feeling that it's an homage or that it has this nostalgic backdrop, but that we are talking about very contemporary, modern themes and storylines for the characters".

Discussing it further, Nunn said: "So in a way we were also trying to take this tried and tested tropes of the genre and sort of flip them on their head and show a different perspective on it. I think those two things together and then with the Britishness just make it feel like it's its own thing."

In other words, even though Sex Education is modern and British, it takes inspiration from old American rom-coms, hence it having such a unique vibe that some people love and others aren't sure about. If you embrace the madness though, it's pretty magical.

In conclusion...

We stan.