The Umbrella Academy is getting a prequel spin-off comic for Klaus Hargreeves

24 February 2020, 12:27

By Katie Louise Smith

The "You Look Like Death" comic mini-series will be set 10 years before "Apocalypse Suite" and will feature an 18-year-old Klaus getting kicked out of The Umbrella Academy.

While we have yet to find out The Umbrella Academy season 2's release date, fans of the series are about to get the best gift ever in the form of a prequel series about Klaus Hargreeves himself.

The new comic mini-series, titled "You Look Like Death", will feature an 18-year-old Klaus a.k.a. Séance – played by Robert Sheehan in the Netflix series – getting kicked out the academy.

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The synopsis of the mini-series reads: "Roughly ten years before the events of Apocalypse Suite, 18-year-old Séance gets himself kicked out of the Umbrella Academy. With his allowance discontinued by Hargreeves, he takes to a place where his ghoulish talents will be appreciated – Hollywood. After a magical high on a vampire-drug-lord’s stash, Klaus needs help, and doesn’t have his siblings there to save him."

Klaus? Being chaotic? In Hollywood? This already sounds like the best thing ever.

The Umbrella Academy's Klaus Hargreeves is getting a spin-off comic series
The Umbrella Academy's Klaus Hargreeves is getting a spin-off comic series. Picture: Netflix

The stand alone mini-series (which will have six issues) will be released ahead of season 2 of the Netflix show and the fourth volume of the main comic. Part one will be released in June.

In a statement, Gerard Way explained a bit of the background behind the mini-series, saying: “I imagined a pretty wild decade for Klaus — full of ups and downs, seedy places, supernatural excursions and internal battles."

As reported by The New York Times, the mini-series will be written by The Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way and Shaun Simon. Gabriel Bá has illustrated the cover of the first issue with interior artwork by I.N.J. Culbard and lettering by Nate Piekos.

Despite fan concerns that season 2 of the Netflix series would take almost 18 months to hit our screens after the release of season 1, the streamer has already started teasing season 2 with new character posters.

Between this Klaus prequel and Volume 4 of the main comic, the wait for season 2 suddenly doesn't seem so far away.