A thread of Tom Felton and Emily Osment looking exactly the same has gone viral

23 April 2020, 17:20

By Katie Louise Smith

Despite being different ages, the internet can’t get over how much Emily and Tom used to look like they could be twins.

From Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel to Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice, there's so many pairs of celebrity look-a-likes in the world it's getting hard to keep track.

Now, thanks to a thread that's going viral on Twitter, people are realising that Harry Potter actor Tom Felton and Hannah Montana star Emily Osment used to look EXACTLY alike when they were kids. (In real life, Emily’s brother is actor Haley Joel Osment, who obviously looks exactly like her too.)

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The thread (by @dracoalmighty_) contains screenshots from Tom in his early Potter days as Draco Malfoy, and Emily in Spy Kids 2, where she played Gerti Giggles. (By the way, Gerti? Big Slytherin Energy.)

Even down to their facial expressions, people can't believe the two of them are not actually related.

Someone even turned the pictures in the thread into a TikTok morph and it's... incredible.

So, are they related? Not as far we know. They just look a like! And the fact that the two actors used to look like twins has been one of the internet's favourite revelations for years.

Comparisons between the two go way back to the days of Tumblr in 2013, where the original post was first shared alongside the caption: "I never realized how much Emily Osment used to look like Tom Felton."

Look, we know Emily is 28 now, Tom is 32 and they no longer look like twins but has anyone considered rebooting The Parent Trap with the two of them?

Someone get Disney on the landline, and give Marvel a call to see if they will let us use their de-ageing CGI machine. It's a matter of urgency. The internet deserves this Potter/Spy Kids crossover movie.