Love Island Siânnise glaring at new girl Rebecca has become a meme

21 January 2020, 18:22

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Love Island memes are already taking over Twitter.

We can always rely on Love Island to deliver on the meme front. Last year, the Love Island 2019 memes had the internet in absolute stitches (see: Tommy Fury's teeny tiny legs) and now thanks to Love Island 2020, we've been blessed with Siânnise Fudge's terrifying death stare.

Monday night's episode (20 Jan) saw the annual cringeworthy moment of the series – the dirty dancing challenge. Each Islander has to give their fellow Islanders of the opposite sex a seductive striptease. The aim of the game is to see who has their heart rate raised the most.

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The ladies were the last to dance for the boys but after they had finished their lap dances there was one surprise final entry. In struts in new girl Rebecca Gormley in a tiny Greek goddess outfit, leaving the guys sweating.

Siânnise Fudge and Rebecca Gormley
Siânnise Fudge and Rebecca Gormley. Picture: ITV

The girls looked on from the balcony as Rebecca sat on the boys' knees and kissed them on the cheek, and it's safe to say they were truly shook seeing another girl get her hands on their men. However, no-one was more taken back than Siânnise. The camera managed to perfectly capture her slow clapping while watching Rebecca. The horror movie-esque clip has now inspired so many hilarious memes.

Every. Single. Time.

Thinking about how disrespectful this is.

And I oop-

Spot the difference.

The fear.

Deeply regretting everything right now.

Everyone's childhood in one tweet.

Shawn's knees? Shayonaise? Shoe lace? Shon's niece? Meh.

So sorry...

The lies we tell.


Here's to many more Love Island memes.