The "self-pleasure 30-day challenge" is daring everyone to masturbate daily during May

2 May 2019, 18:05

Woman in knickers/Kylie Jenner
The "self-pleasure 30-day challenge" is daring everyone to masturbate daily during May. Picture: Getty/E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The aim is normalise masturbation and remove the stigma attached to it.

You know the internet will create a challenge out of literally anything (see: drink water challenge) but this one has a purpose. People are doing the Self-Pleasure 30-Day Challenge in the hope of opening up the conversation about masturbation.

Masturbation is completely normal and perfectly healthy but people, especially women, are still afraid to admit they're doing it.

In case you didn't know, May is masturbation month too and May 28 marks National Masturbation Day (or "Wankers Day" in the UK and Australia). That's right, a whole month dedicated to self-love and sex-positivity.

The challenge was created by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, who are co-hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast. Both are hoping to stamp out the shame of self-pleasure by taking it to social media.

Basically, it's the complete opposite to No Nut November. You must masturbate for a minimum of 10 minutes every day in May without the aid of porn and sex toys. It's open to absolutely anyone too, you'll just need a good imagination.

You can share your self-pleasure journey through selfies you submit to the challenge's Instagram page. Don't panic, though, it's completely anonymous. Simply grab a piece of paper, write down your experience, hold the sign over your face and post.

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It's contest time again! May is M@sturbation month, and to celebrate we are running a 30 Day Self-Pleasure Challenge 🎊 . The intention of this challenge is to help de-stigmatize #selfpleasure while also giving participants an opportunity to connect with their own pleasure/body on a deeper level (and potentially win some awesome prizes 🎁 as well!) . . Instructions: Open to anyone 18+ of all genders. DM or email an anonymous photo of yourself like the one here (we may share your photo but we promise to keep your info private) stating something about your current self-pleasure practice in 10 words or less by April 30th. Then for the month of May you will self-pleasure for a min of 10 minutes/day, with no goals for org@sm (but if it happens, great!), no porn and no vibrators 🚫. Every week we will ask you to send another anonymous photo of yourself describing your week's experience - what you learned, challenges, breakthrough's etc. 📝 Everyone who sends in 1 photo 📸 per week will be entered into a raffle to win: Grand prize <<Valued over $1000!>>>- Hot Octopuss Duo 👐🏼(@hotoctopuss), a bottle of Uberlube💧, access to OMGyes💥, access to our Wild Woman Sex online workshop, a copy of Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski 📚(@enagoski) AND a Sex Coaching or Sexological Bodywork session with Dolly Josette 🗣(@pleasuremuse) (episode #102) Runner up prizes include: a bottle of Uberlube, access to OMGyes, access to our Wild Woman Sex online workshop, copies of Come As You Are, and more! #selfpleasurechallange #selfpleasure #shamelesssexrevolution #30daychallange #shamelesssexpodcast

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There's actually a prize too and it's not for who can, er, masturbate the most. By completing the challenge and sending in one post per week you get a host of sex-themed prizes. Time to clear your schedule for May...

"Most folks aren't talking about masturbation openly or with pride," Amy and April tell

"The purpose of this campaign is to invite participants to fully connect with themselves and see what they may be missing out on now that all of the distractions have been removed."


We're only two days into the month of self-love and it's predicted to be a big one, and everyone has an opinion on it.

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