Milk Crate Challenge leaves people with serious injuries after attempting viral trend

23 August 2021, 12:04 | Updated: 23 August 2021, 12:07

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What is the crate challenge? Who started it? Here's everything you need to know about the internet's latest trend.

People have been left injured after attempting the Milk Crate Challenge on TikTok.

Summer is almost over, which means we're all a little…bored. Luckily, TikTok is on hand to provide the entertainment in the form of viral challenges like the Masc vs. Femme trend which saw users transform into their masculine or feminine alter egos.

Not all trends are good, though. Case in point, TikTok's frozen honey trend which has had, um, stomach-churning consequences on its participants. Anyway, now it's all about the Milk Crate Challenge.

Basically, the challenge – which is also called the Crate Challenge – involves users attempting to climb a staircase made of plastic milk crates without falling. It might sound simple enough, and for some it is, but for every successful staircase climb is a horrific fall. Here's what you need to know about the viral challenge.

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What is the Milk Crate Challenge? Who started it?

What is the Crate Challenge?
What is the Crate Challenge? Picture: @albowmanceo via Twitter

The Milk Crate Challenge sees participant attempt to climb a bunch of milk crates which are arranged to act as a staircase. Once the crates are in prime position, the participant must make it all the way to the top and back down again.

According to Know Your Meme, Kenneth Waddell was the first to post the challenge on Facebook on August 13. The next day, Jordan Browne shared a video of a man trying to climb the milk crate stairs. TikToker @taylorxxlauren then shared their attempt on TikTok and when Jordan reposted it to Facebook, the video received 5.3 million views in only one day. It quickly caught on and the rest, as they say, is history.

While the challenge might seem simple enough, it's actually leaving some with serious injuries. As you can imagine, plastic milk crates aren't exactly the strongest of structures so when pressure is applied to them, they tend to topple over. Because they're stacked at a height, the participant comes crashing down to the floor and, well, it doesn't look comfortable one bit. Some users have even noted a viral video which saw the participant fall on their neck. Others have shown off their bruised limbs on social media. Ouch.

Yeah, maybe don't try this one at home, kids…