25 Selling Sunset season 4 memes that are even more iconic than Christine's chair purse

2 December 2021, 16:23

Selling Sunset's Mary teases big season 5 drama

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

All the best memes from Selling Sunset season 4.

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Can we all say a big thank you to Netflix because what was life like before Selling Sunset?

Since the uber-glam real estate agents of The Oppenheim Group strutted into our lives back in 2019, it's been non-stop chaos…and we live for it. The series focuses on the dramatic personal lives of the agents as well as all the luxury properties they're selling.

Season 4 didn't disappoint on either front, not only did we get to see inside French Montana's mansion, and cry with envy as Simu Liu flirted with Chrishell Stause, we got to see Christine Quinn do what she does best… cause drama.

After welcoming her first child, Baby C, Christine decided to take a little time off from being a full-time realtor. However, it meant she had a lot more time to focus her attention on her replacement, Emma Hernan, who she claims she caught with her ex-boyfriend (rumoured to be Peter Cornell, who also happens to work at The Oppenheim Group!).

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As you can imagine, Selling Sunset is all the internet has been talking about since it dropped and the memes have been rolling in thick and fast. So, we've gathered some of the funniest Selling Sunset memes for you to browse. Enjoy!

The best Selling Sunset season 4 memes

Selling Sunset memes.
Selling Sunset memes. Picture: Netflix, @adele via Instagram

1) A shoutout to Maya – our unbothered, fertile and economical queen.

2) ...smart too.

3) Sigh, a girl can dream.

4) It's actually impossible.

5) Something about those empanadas doesn't seem right...

6) Seriously?

7) She just wants to sell houses and have babies. I respect it.

8) It must be nice.

9) Urgh. Here we go again.

10) Not only did Davina have to grovel for her job back, she didn't even sell the $75 million house!? Sweet poetic justice.

11) The GC said it best.

12) Another one.

13) Honestly, at this point it's easier to tell Jason and Brett apart.

14) This actually makes A LOT of sense.

15) Vanessa the great interrogator.

16) Um... has anyone checked on Christian?

17) Well, she is a real estate agent...

18) Popping to the garden centre and getting a pack of seeds now x

19) The twists! The turns! Inject the drama into my veins.

20) We never forget.

21) You could feel the jealously spilling from his eye balls.

22) Now sir...

23) AND!?!

24) Forever our Himbo King.

25) Christian is the real villain. Change my mind.

Bring on season 5!

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