James Charles exposes TikToker who claimed he'd slid into his DMs

23 May 2022, 16:58

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"HAHAHAHA he got served with the receipts."

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James Charles has exposed a TikToker who claimed that the YouTuber slid in their DMs.

Now, when it comes to the DMs, James doesn't have the best luck. Back in 2020, James called out "queerbaiting" trolls who slide into his DMs for clout after multiple men, who are actually straight, sent him flirty messages and then posted their private conversation on social media in order to go viral.

So recently, a TikToker shared a video claiming that James had been in his DMs. In the video, the TikToker wrote: "When Jamey Charlie is in your DMs." Then as "proof", he shared a screenshot of James reacting to his photo with a flame emoji on Instagram Stories.

But that's not quite how it happened… James shared a video of his own which detailed all the interactions he'd had with the TikToker. According to the receipts, it was actually the TikToker who had made the first move and he had exchanged multiple messages with James. In the flirtatious messages, the two discussed the things they like to do for fun and James was even asked if he would like to "hang out" sometime.

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James Charles exposes TikToker who claimed he'd slid into his DMs
James Charles exposes TikToker who claimed he'd slid into his DMs. Picture: @jamescharles via Instagram, @jamescharles via TikTok, @v4lenci via TikTok

However, things then took a turn. The TikToker sent a voice note, and although James didn't play the audio, apparently the TikToker asked "if I ever wanted to 'do anything' to which I said maybe, and then he asked how much I was willing to pay for it". Furious, James hit back: "I would never in a million fucking years pay for sex."

In the comment section, James said he was "tired of his love life being used as a clout token" and people praised him for exposing the TikToker.

One person said: "I'm so sorry people use you like that. You don’t deserve it." While another added: "HAHAHAHA he got served with the receipts."

The TikToker hasn't addressed why he decided to boldly lie abut his messages with James, but we will update you if he does.

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