People think James Charles' Coachella 2022 outfit proves he's had a BBL

19 April 2022, 17:55

James Charles crawls around on the beach in Hawaii

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is James Charles officially in his BBL era!?

James Charles has sparked speculation that he's had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) again and it's all thanks to his Coachella outfit.

In case you didn't know, the internet has recently been awash with rumours that the YouTuber has had BBL surgery, which involves taking fat from other areas of the body through liposuction, and injecting it into the behind and hip area to create a more curvaceous shape.

The rumours started on TikTok, after a TikToker shared a video alleging James had the surgery. The allegations were prompted by a photo of James wearing only pink bikini bottoms. Adding yet more fuel to the raging BBL fire, it was discovered that James had purchased adult diapers, after they were spotted in a YouTube video about James' top Amazon items. Some suggest wearing adult diapers following BBL surgery in case of any leaks.

Now, James' Coachella outfit might have just added a little more substance to those rumours.

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People think James Charles' Coachella 2022 outfit proves he's had a BBL
People think James Charles' Coachella 2022 outfit proves he's had a BBL. Picture: @jamescharles via Instagram

James' Coachella outfits are one of the most talked about moments of the annual event. The YouTuber is known for squeezing himself into ass-less chaps and skimpy thongs, but after three years off from the festivities thanks to coronavirus, James decided to make his outfit a little more subtle. (Well, subtle by James' standards…)

James rocked a custom-made, thermal-printed, mesh catsuit. The skintight outfit revealed every curve, including his extremely rounded and pert bottom. Worried that his outfit might have been a little too inappropriate, James threw on some bright blue trousers, but in keeping with tradition he made sure to show off his derriere on both Instagram and TikTok.

"I'm also getting a lot of comments on my last TikToks saying, 'These outfits are so boring in comparison to your other Coachella looks. These looks are not iconic, what are you doing?!' I got so much hate for doing custom looks a couple of years ago it's not even funny," James explained on TikTok.

"Everyone always makes fun of influencers for trying so hard at Coachella. Personally, I think doing the crazy custom looks is fun. It's festival wear. But this year I thought going a bit more casual would be the vibe, I want it to be attention-grabbing and not attention-seeking like I was years ago, and now people are complaining I'm not doing enough. I don't know what people want from me."

But fans weren't discussing his outfit, they just couldn't stop talking about how much James' physique had changed and concluded that he must have had some surgical assistance. James even liked several of the comments.

"That bbl is bbling," one TikTok user said. Another added: "I know a bbl when I see it." And a third commented: "Is it just me or did James get a bbl."

James Charles Comments
James Charles Comments. Picture: @jamescharles via TikTok

James is yet to address whether or not he is in his BBL era or not, but we will update you if he does.

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