MrBeast YouTuber Kris Tyson comes out as a trans woman

24 July 2023, 15:07

Kris Tyson is a woman

By Sam Prance

"I'm happy to say I'm a woman. It's something that's honestly so freeing."

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YouTuber Kris Tyson, who's best known for her work in MrBeast's YouTube videos, has publicly come out as a trans woman.

Earlier this year (April 6), Kris Tyson revealed that she had begun hormone therapy. Addressing her change in appearance on Twitter, Kris wrote: "HRT, and it's only been two months". Kris also uploaded a photograph of herself with the caption: "It's never too late to start being yourself".

At the time, Kris shut down any speculation about her gender identity. She tweeted: "I purposely have not come out as any identity. I’m going to talk more in the future but for right now any video claiming I “identify as X” is just speculation".

Now, Kris has revealed that she identifies as a trans woman in a candid interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla.

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MrBeast YouTuber Kris Tyson comes out as a trans woman
MrBeast YouTuber Kris Tyson comes out as a trans woman. Picture: Anthony Padilla via YouTube

Speaking to Anthony, Kris said: "I am a woman. I've never said that publicly, but I've been fully confident in that decision for over a year now." Kris then explained that she knew she "was not cisgender" when she first started making changes to her appearance, like growing out her hair. However, she needed time to figure out her identity.

Kris then said: "For a while, I was trying gender fluid. I was like, what's making me feel like I'm bi-gender? What is tying me to this masculinity? And really, it was after a lot of talking with a therapist and a lot of self-reflection, [that] I realized it was really just the societal pressure of, 'You're Chris from MrBeast."

Explaining how she felt further, Kris continued: "'You're the guy that starts the fires. You're the guy that builds the stuff.' My whole life, I've enjoyed doing those things, but I've never really felt like 'the guy.'"

Discussing her posts about hormone therapy, Kris said people thought she was coming out as trans then. However, she said: "I'm like, No, I didn't! No, I didn't...yet — until today."

I spent a day with KRIS TYSON

Elsewhere in the interview, Kris said that she has a new name that she uses privately with her family and friends. She said: "I have a name that is my official name. It's just for friends and family but Kris is what you can call me on the internet."

Kris also confirmed that her pronouns are she/her.

On how she feels telling people that she's trans, Kris said: "For the longest time, even to say it to some of the closest friends, it would make my hands shake. I would get so nervous. But now, I can say I'm a woman."

She ended by saying: "I'm happy to say I'm a woman. It's something that's honestly so freeing."

Congratulations Kris!

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