Billie Eilish says she's "terrified" to turn 18 because of the hate she might get

11 December 2019, 13:14

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Billie Eilish opened up about her upcoming 18th birthday and why she's scared about the upcoming milestone. "I'm genuinely terrified to turn 18 even though I've looked forward to turning 18 my whole life."

Billie Eilish is often praised for achieving so much at such a young age. The singer is only 17 years old, but she nabbed a number one album in 2019 and was recently named Billboard's Woman of the Year – among her many other accomplishments. Billie won't be 17 forever, though.

Billie Eilish turns 18 on 18 December and, with her birthday fast approaching, the singer has admitted that she's "genuinely terrified" to be a legal adult. But why? Bille explained that she's worried because she thinks that's when people will officially pile on the hate.

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Speaking to Extra TV at Variety's 2019 Hitmakers Brunch, Billie opened up about the nerves she feels surrounding her milestone birthday.

2019 Variety's Hitmakers Brunch
2019 Variety's Hitmakers Brunch. Picture: Getty

"I forget I'm 17 sometimes, honestly," Billie explained. "And I'm genuinely terrified to turn 18 even though I've looked forward to turning 18 my whole life.

"I'm just afraid people are gonna be like: 'Aaaaaand here's all the hate we feel.' You know, because they normally hold it back a little bit. I mean, they barely hold it back, but a little bit, I feel like people are like, 'Well she's a minor. We won't say...' whatever. And I'm worried people are just gonna throw it at me. It's okay, though. I'm excited to turn 18."

Watch below from 2:00 in for Billie's super candid feelings about turning 18.

Having pre-birthday nerves is totally normal, though! Especially if you've got a big one coming up like Billie does. With all that Billie has accomplished before the age of 18, we doubt people will be waiting to pile on the hate.

Billie has previously spoken out about being criticised for her style and even told Elle that when she turns 18, she may want to dress differently.

Here's to hoping no one unleashes their "hate" on Billie come 18 December!

What do you guys think? Is Billie onto something about things changing when you're officially an adult?