You can buy a piece of Grimes’ soul for $10million

1 June 2020, 17:23

By Sophie Thompson

Grimes has announced that she'll be selling a piece of her soul for $10million as part of an art show she's working on.

Thinking of your next impulse lockdown purchase? Well, a piece of singer Grimes' soul could be about to become yours, for a very reasonable price of $10million.

We've a feeling she'll regret this one.

The 32-year-old, who recently gave birth to baby X Æ A-12, has announced that as part of an online art exhibition, she'll be drafting an agreement with a lawyer to give one lucky buyer a chance to legally own a 'little piece of her soul'. We're not sure how much 'little' is exactly.

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Grimes will be handing over her soul to the buyer in a legal document.
Grimes will be handing over her soul to the buyer in a legal document. Picture: Robyn Beck/Cassy Athena

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, she revealed that she debuted her first online art show, Selling Out, which features photography, drawings, prints, and conceptual pieces made over the last 10 years, a lot of which is heavily inspired by her album covers and will be familiar to fans, using her signature dystopian style.

It will take place online over on Gallery Platform Los Angeles (May 28-June 3) and Maccarone Los Angeles (May 28-August 31), and one particularly interesting piece from the collection will be available as “a legal document whereby the purchaser acquires a percentage of Grimes’s soul”.

We're confused too.

Speaking of the decision to give up a piece of her soul (in the form of a piece of paper), Grimes said, "The deeper [my atorney and I] got with it, the more philosophically interesting it became [...] Also, I really wanted to collaborate with my lawyer on art. The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me."

Although listed for $10million, the singer has now decided to leave the piece open to a 'best offer' - so the public get to ultimately decide her worth.

Boasting of the venture, one of the art galleries helping her flog her soul, Maccarone Los Angeles, added that: "Selling Out is executed as a contract in which Grimes sells a fraction of her soul, formalising the idea that every time an artist sells a piece of their art, part of the soul is sold with it. The purchaser will enter into a contractual agreement that outlines the terms of ownership and ultimately the connection to the joy of artistic expression."

Anyone got $10million lying around?

While Elon Musk may be one of the few lucky enough to be the purchaser, we can imagine the price isn't too much for two people who just made history by giving their baby an illegal name. X Æ A-12, you've got a nice crib coming when this sale goes through.

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