Who Is Monty de la Cruz On "13 Reasons Why" And What Did He Do?

21 May 2018, 20:52 | Updated: 21 May 2018, 20:56

Monty 13 Reasons Why Timothy Granaderos
Picture: Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Montgomery de la Cruz has become one of the most hated characters of the second season, but who is he, who plays him and what did he do to Hannah?

The internet is currently on fire with conversations about the brand new season of 13 Reasons Why. Since dropping on Friday (May 18th), the second season of the show has already managed to cause controversy over its shocking and "unnecessary" sexual assault scene and has sparked a ton of tweets about Hannah Baker's life after death.

But there's one character who everyone seems to be talking about and he goes by the name of Montgomery de la Cruz and eeeeeeeveryone hates him.


Who is Monty de la Cruz?

If you watched season one, you'll probably remember Monty (played by Timothy Granaderos) as one of Bryce's jock pals who spends the few scenes he's in shoving people into lockers, being sleazy towards girls and almost killing Alex Standall with his car.

In season two, he takes on more of a prominent role - doing the exact same thing, only worse.

What did he have to do with Hannah's death?

He wasn't one of the subjects on Hannah's tapes but it retrospectively turns out that he had a pretty big role in Hannah's life and death. Monty made advances on both Courtney and Hannah and later spread rumours about Hannah's sexuality around the school after seeing Tyler's photograph of the two of them kissing.

It's also revealed that Monty witnessed Bryce rape Hannah but he did nothing about it. Trash.

Why did Monty threaten Alex, Clay, Zach and Tony?

Monty spends the entire second season trying to keep Bryce's reputation in tact. He goes to great lengths to send threatening messages to Tony, Alex, Zach and co. to ensure that they stay quiet about Bryce's involvement in Hannah's death. He literally almost murders Clay, who knows about the rape, by running him over in Bryce's car.

Did Monty steal the polaroids in season two?

Alex believes that Monty stole the polaroids to help protect Bryce, who was pictured having non-consensual sex with his unconscious girlfriend Chloe. After finding out about everything Monty did to help Bryce's case, the guys confront him and demand that he hands over the missing polaroids that they believe he stole. It's later revealed that he doesn't actually have them - Nina has them, and she later destroys them.

Why did Monty sexually assault Tyler?

Tyler returns to school after spending a few weeks in a behavioural programme after he admits to vandalising the school playing field. Monty, furious that Tyler is back at school, seeks revenge on Tyler after his actions and accusations ruined his life and cost the team the season. The attack was about power - to inflict so much pain and terror on Tyler that he wouldn't and couldn't tell anyone about it. Toxic masculinity at its finest.

Does Monty get arrested for assaulting Tyler?

Nope - not yet, anyway. The season ends before any justice can be served. It is unclear whether or not Tyler will come clean to anyone about what happened which means he could get away with it.

Just when you thought you couldn't hate a character more than Bryce or more than anyone who made Hannah's life miserable in season one, along came Monty. It's official: the character of Monty has now been cemented as one of the worst characters in the show and everyone on the internet seems to agree.

Who plays Monty?

While Monty is the worst, the actor who plays him, however, is actually very nice and very talented. Monty is played by Timothy Granaderos who actually almost never even made it into the cast. Speaking to Clevver, Granaderos revealed that he actually auditioned for a few other males on the show before he was cast as Liberty High's resident bully.

"I think I read for Justin Foley, Tony [Padilla] and Jeff Atkins, and I had gotten kind of far along in those audition processes, but at the end of the day I didn’t get any of those roles,” he told Clevver. “My agent sent me Montgomery and she was like, ‘Just self-tape this!’ And I literally thought to myself, ‘I’m not getting on this show; I don’t know what the point is.'”

You've also probably seen Granaderos in a few other shows before too. He was in an episode of Liv & Maddie and he appeared in The Runaways and Rosewood.

Should the show return for a third season, the storyline will likely focus on bringing down Monty once and for all. But will justice finally be served?