Who killed Bryce Walker?: [SPOILER] revealed as killer in 13 Reasons Why shock twist

24 August 2019, 00:58 | Updated: 24 August 2019, 16:09

Who killed Bryce Walker? After 13 episodes of intrigue, Bryce's killer is revealed in the intense 13 Reasons Why season 3 finale.

Who killed Bryce Walker? 13 Reasons Why season 3 premiered on Netflix Friday Aug 23, and the murder of Bryce Walker was at the heart of the penultimate series. We had our theories when the first trailer dropped, but the truth about who killed Bryce was even more intense than we could have imagined.

Bryce's enemies were a dime a dozen, so there was no shortage of suspects in the shocking crime. However, the further along in the series fans went, the clearer it became that Homecoming was essentially the catalyst for Bryce Walker's murder. The chaos that ensued during and after the game played a huge role in Bryce's death but the scenes that led up to his murder were a major shock .

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Warning: 13 Reasons Why season 3 spoilers ahead

Who killed Bryce Walker - 13 Reasons Why killer revealed
Who killed Bryce Walker - 13 Reasons Why killer revealed. Picture: Netflix

Who killed Bryce Walker?

Well, it's complicated. But, in short, Alex Standall killed Bryce Walker.

Alex Standall's steroid induced rage was a minor storyline throughout season 3, but it turns out that it would be an instrumental factor in Bryce Walker's death. Alex began taking steroids after he and Jessica ended things, and Bryce even sold him the steroids at one point.

Before the Homecoming game, Bryce asks Jessica to meet him at the pier because he has something to give her. During the game, however, Bryce intentionally injures Zach, who later shows up at the pier to seek revenge.

Zach beats up Bryce, breaks his leg, and leaves him bloody and bruised (but still alive) on the pier.

When Jessica shows up, Alex is with her for safety and Bryce gives her a tape with an apology on it. When it seems like Alex and Jessica will simply walk away and leave Bryce on the pier, Alex helps Bryce up with the intention of rescuing him.

Alex Standall killed Bryce Walker
Alex Standall killed Bryce Walker. Picture: Netflix

However, Bryce is in extreme pain and begins to curse Zach."I'm gonna fucking destroy him," he threatens.

Alex looks him in the eye and says "you've hurt everyone I've ever loved," in reference to Hannah and Jessica. Alex then shoves Bryce into the water in a moment of pure rage.

Because of his broken leg and other injuries, Bryce is unable to tread water or keep himself afloat and he drowns fairly quickly.

Later, Ani pins Bryce's death on Monty, who also had motive to kill Bryce. Interestingly enough, Monty has just been killed in jail and proves to be the perfect stooge. Alex Standall's dad chooses to accept Ani's story that Monty killed Bryce but knows deep down that it was actually Alex.

Another way to look at Bryce's death is that Zach and Alex share equal responsibility for Bryce's death. If Zach hadn't beat him up, Bryce would have able to swim to safety after Alex's push. If Alex hadn't shoved Alex in the water after Zach's beating, Bryce might have made it to safety or been able to get help from someone nearby.

After two seasons of hating Bryce, his violent death is probably not what you thought would happen to the character. But, here we are.

What do you guys think of who killed Bryce Walker?