American Horror Story Double Feature is the highest rated AHS season on Rotten Tomatoes

20 September 2021, 14:26 | Updated: 21 September 2021, 10:45

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By Sam Prance

American Horror Story season 10 has had the best reviews in AHS history.

American Horror Story critics have officially crowned American Horror Story: Double Feature as the best AHS season ever.

Ever since American Horror Story first debuted 10 years ago, fans have debated which season of the anthology series is the best. Every year, AHS introduces us to a new theme with new characters, and fans are often split as to which seasons they like most. Even the actors have favourites and least favourites. For example, Sarah Paulson did not like Roanoke at all.

Now, critics have joined the conversation. AHS season 10 is the highest rated AHS season of all time on Rotten Tomatoes.

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American Horror Story Double Feature is the highest rated AHS season on Rotten Tomatoes
American Horror Story Double Feature is the highest rated AHS season on Rotten Tomatoes. Picture: FX

TV aficionados will already know that Rotten Tomatoes is pretty reliable when it comes to rating films and TV shows. It takes all the official reviews of projects and then works out an official rating for those projects based on how many of the reviews are positive and how many of them are negative. And the current season of AHS has been awarded 95% by the site.

Their official review reads: "Though its second tale is still a mystery, the first half of Double Feature proves a spine-tingling good time with terrific performances - especially from the spectacular Leslie Grossman."

As it stands the current AHS ranking on Rotten Tomatoes is:

1) AHS: Double Feature - 95%

2) AHS: 1984 - 87%

3) AHS: Coven - 85%

4) AHS: Asylym - 84%

5) AHS: Apocalypse - 79%

6) AHS: Freakshow - 77%

7) AHS: Roanoke - 74%

8) AHS: Cult - 73%

9) AHS: Murder House - 72%

10) AHS: Hotel - 64%

Watch the trailer for American Horror Story: Double Feature

However, given that Double Feature is still airing, it's possible that it could slip in the rankings before the season is up. It all depends on how the rest of the episodes are reviewed. With the second half of the season focusing on a new alien theme, anything could happen.

Whether or not fans rate Double Feature as their favourite is yet to be seen but many have already called season 10 an impressive return to form. Fingers crossed it wraps up well.

What do you think? Which AHS season is best?