Elite season 4: Who attacked Ari? The ending explained

20 June 2021, 09:55

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By Sam Prance

Elite season 4 introduces us to Ari and her love triangle with Guzman and Samuel. Does she end up dead or alive though?

Elite is back with a new mystery and Elite season 4 focuses on what happens to Ari and which character is responsible for it.

Elite season 4 introduces us to an array of new characters. Ari (Carla Díaz) and Patrick (Manu Rios) are twins who transfer to Las Encinas with their younger sister Mencía (Martina Cariddi). And it doesn't take long before Ari, Patrick and Mencía each meet our favourite characters, fall in love with them, and get involved in the drama and scandal that they are all prone to.

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The first episode flashes forward to New Year's Eve where Ari has been found face down in a lake. Here's what happened.

Does Ari die in Elite season 4? - SPOILERS BELOW

Elite season 4: Who attacked Ari? The ending explained
Elite season 4: Who attacked Ari? The ending explained. Picture: Netflix

No. Ari makes it out of Elite season 4 alive but she is brutally attacked. Don't worry though, despite Guzmán and Samu both falling in love with Ari and fighting over her, they have nothing to do with her almost dying. The culprit is Armando, who we first meet when Mencía turns to sex work after her dad cuts off her allowance. Armando is Mencía's first client.

As the season progresses, Armando begins blackmailing Mencía and threatening to tell her dad how she's been earning so much money. In the season finale, at the New Year's Party, Armando confronts Mencía alone on the pier by the lake. When Mencía refuses to have sex with Armando anymore, he begins attacking her.

Noticing what's happening from afar, Rebe rushes to the pier and kicks Armando off of it into a boat. She and Mencía then run away but Ari, who has also seen what Armando did, goes to the pier and tells him that she's calling her dad to expose what Armando has done. Armando then begins beating Ari.

Guzmán then spots what is happening and rushes to save Ari. Armando flees and, although Ari is severely injured, she is alive. Guzmán asks her to wait there and he goes off to find Armando. Guzmán spots Armando in a boat warehouse and, without thinking, shoots him dead with a flare gun.

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Meanwhile, Ari tries to stand up on the pier and falls face-first into the water. When Guzmán runs back to the pier, he thinks Ari has gone back to the party. Unknowingly, he leaves her in the water and returns to the party. He tells Samu and Rebe what he did and they agree to help him cover it up. They secretly throw Armando's weighted dead body in the lake.

Before they hide the body though, people realise Ari is missing and paramedics and police find her nearly dead in the lake. They save her in hospital and when she's conscious again, Guzmán lies and tells her that Armando simply ran away. We'll have to wait until Elite season 5 to find out if Ari and Mencía find out what Samu, Guzmán and Rebe did.

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