Who dies in You season 3? A complete list of every death

15 October 2021, 18:03

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Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are back which only means one thing: more murders. Here's everyone who dies in You season 3. (Spoilers!)

Who dies in You season 3? How long have you got?! Yep, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn are back in their murderous bag in the new season of the hit Netflix show – and you'd be wise to remind yourself that absolutely no one in the suburb of Madre Linda is safe when they're around.

A new season of You means a whole new batch of murders committed by Joe and Love. You season 3 doesn't waste any time in getting back into the swing of things, with the very first murder closing out the first episode.

So, in case you needed a recap or just wanted to spoil the whole season for yourself, here's a list of every character that dies in You season 3, how they die and who kills them.

WARNING: Major spoilers for You season 3 ahead! You've been warned!

Who dies in You season 3? A complete list
Who dies in You season 3? A complete list. Picture: Netflix

Does Natalie die in You season 3?

Just when you thought Joe's neighbour would last at least a few episodes before facing the same fate as Beck and Candace... Turns out Natalie Engler was the very first character to get killed off at the end of episode 1.

After discovering Joe's keepsake box full of Natalie's stuff, Love gets jealous. After Natalie gives Love a tour of the unit that eventually becomes Love's bakery, Love kills her with an axe to the neck in one of the basement storage rooms.

She calls on Joe to dispose of her body; first burying her out in the woods, and then moving the body to a pit that is set to be filled by concrete the next day once they find out about the ring she wore that tracks her whereabouts.

Current Quinn-Goldberg murder score: Love 1, Joe 0.

Who dies in You season 3? Does Natalie die?
Who dies in You season 3? Does Natalie die? Picture: Netflix

Does Gil die in You season 3?

Gil is the next character to die in episode 3. However, he isn't murdered by either Joe or Love.

After baby Henry is hospitalised with a severe case of measles, Gil apologises and admits to Love that he doesn't believe in vaccines and that his unvaccinated children must've passed on the measles to Henry. An angry Love then whacks Gil with a rolling pin, in broad daylight, in the middle of her bakery.

He wakes up a few hours later, locked in the glass cage. He then finds out, through Joe and Love, that his son sexually assaulted someone and his wife covered it up. Later, Gil dies by suicide in the cage once Joe and Love leave the basement.

Love then comes up with a plan that frames Gil for Natalie's death. Joe takes Gil's body back to his own house, types up a letter for his wife to find, admitting to having an affair with Natalie and killing her, and then stages his suicide. Meanwhile, Love puts Gil's fingerprints on the weapon she used to kill Natalie and plants it in the woods, which is then found by a search team.

Who dies in You season 3? Does Gil die?
Who dies in You season 3? Does Gil die? Picture: Netflix

Does Ryan die in You season 3?

The next character to die is Ryan, Marienne's ex-husband. We'll give you one guess as to who killed him...

Ryan and Marienne are locked in a bitter custody battle over their daughter Juliette. In episode 9, Joe decides to take it upon himself to get Ryan out of the picture so that Marienne can stay in Madre Linda with her daughter.

After attempting to jump him in a parking lot, Joe ends up pushing him over the edge and watches as he falls several stories to the floor. Ryan is still alive after the fall so Joe finishes the job by stabbing him multiple times. He leaves the scene just before his body is found.

Current Quinn-Goldberg murder score: Love 1, Joe 1.

Who dies in You season 3? Does Ryan die?
Who dies in You season 3? Does Ryan die? Picture: Netflix

Does Love Quinn die in You season 3?

Maybe some of you saw this one coming, maybe you didn't. But there was surely no way both Joe and Love would have been able to get out of season 3 alive after their chaotic spree.

In the final episode, Love realises that Joe is infatuated with Marienne and she decides to do something about it. One night at dinner, Love poisons Joe with a dose of aconite, the same paralytic substance that she used to kill her former husband James. Although this time, she uses the correct dosage which is just enough to keep Joe paralysed while she goes about her schemes.

After her plans to kill Marienne fall through, Love decides to kill Joe with a knife but Joe ends up stabbing Love with a lethal dose of the poison. As she lays paralysed on the floor, Joe reveals that he knew she was growing poison in the garden so he researched antidotes before hand.

Joe then makes her death look like a murder/suicide. He plants all the evidence from the murders at her side, writes a confession email saying that she killed him, and even goes as far to cut off two of his toes to make it look like Love has baked him into a pie. He then sets the house on fire, leaving Love on the kitchen floor to burn with it.

Final Quinn-Goldberg murder score: Love 1, Joe 2.

Who dies in You season 3? Does Love Quinn die?
Who dies in You season 3? Does Love Quinn die? Picture: Netflix

Who survives You season 3?

Another three characters come very close to being killed by Love and Joe, but all three of them manage to survive. Here's what happens to Theo, Sherry and Cary.

Theo Engler

Theo, the 19-year-old step-son of Matthew Engler who Love had a problematic affair with, had a lucky escape after Love knocked him unconscious with a fire extinguisher.

After discovering that Joe helped cover up Natalie's murder, and that the couple have Sherry and Cary locked in the glass cage, Love whacks Theo over the head, causing him to fall down the stairs. Viewers think he's dead as he lies motionless in a pool of his own blood but as Joe attempts to get rid of his body, Theo miraculously wakes up inside a zipped body bag.

Joe then drugs him and takes him to the hospital. Theo is later seen to have made a recovery as Matthew picks him from hospital.

Sherry and Cary Conrad

During a night of swinging with Joe and Love, Sherry and Cary overhear the couple arguing with Love confessing that she killed Natalie. When Sherry and Cary attempt to run, Joe and Love take them down and dump them in the cage until they wake up.

Eventually, Love hands them a gun and says one will be let out if they kill the other. Cary uses the gun to shoot the lock but it rebounds and slices Sherry's ear off. Then Sherry accidentally ends up fully shooting Cary in the leg while attempting to get him back by trying to give him a slight flesh wound.

Just as Cary looks like he's about to die from his injuries, Sherry finds the key that Love had stashed away and they are able to escape. At the end of the episode, we find out that Sherry and Cary have written a book and turned their ordeal into a new couples therapy technique.

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