iCarly reboot praised for LGBTQ+ representation

22 June 2021, 11:32

By Sam Prance

The new iCarly features pansexual and non-binary characters as well as queer actors and trans guest stars.

iCarly finally returned last week with three new episodes and viewers are praising the reboot for how LGBTQ+ inclusive it is.

When Paramount+ originally announced that they would be bringing back iCarly, fans wondered how they would update the show without sacrificing what made the original so great. Ahead of its release, the cast revealed that the revival would be a lot more mature, and, since it came back, people have been living for the ways in which the new show is aimed at adults.

However, it's not just the tone that fans are appreciating. The reboot also puts LGBTQ+ representation front and centre.

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iCarly reboot praised for LGBTQ+ representation
iCarly reboot praised for LGBTQ+ representation. Picture: Paramount+

Yes. iCarly now has LGBTQ+ characters. Harper (Laci Mosley), who plays Carly's hilarious roommate, is openly queer. She is yet to explicitly state how she identifies but many fans believe that she is pansexual. She dates a woman in an episode and Carly mentions that Harper's had relationships with "cute guys, hot girls and ridiculous gorgeous non-binary lawyers".

Trans actress, Josie Totah (Saved By the Bell, Jessie) also guest-stars in episode 3 as an influencer and there are references to queer culture throughout, including RuPaul's Drag Race. Naturally, fans are living for the representation, in particular, the LGBTQ+ people who loved iCarly growing up but never saw themselves explicitly represented in it.

One person tweeted: "Ok ok ok. Is Carly's new friend Harper a Black Queer Woman? And did Carly just say "nonbinary lawyer"? It's only a few minutes in and I'm already in love with the new iCarly."

Another added: "I was right about Josie Totah being in iCarly. not only do we have bi/pan representation we have trans guest stars. progress and representation is beautiful."

With ten new episodes still to come out weekly, we imagine this is only the beginning of iCarly being LGBTQ+ inclusive. We love to see it.

What do you think of the iCarly reboot?