iCarly reboot: All the easter eggs and references from the original series (so far)

21 June 2021, 15:26 | Updated: 21 June 2021, 17:11

Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor give tour around new iCarly apartment

By Katie Louise Smith

The iCarly reboot is full of easter eggs and references, including Carly's finale dress, Sam's costumes, Spencer's sculptures and even more.

It's safe to say that the iCarly reboot has successfully captured the hearts of fans of the original series – and it's all thanks to the easter eggs, references and those iconic cameos.

The revival series returned on June 17th with 3 brand new episodes featuring adult jokes, alcohol, a lil bit of mild nudity courtesy of Jerry Trainor's Spencer Shay and, of course, cussing. (Carly saying "bitch" has truly sent the fans into a tailspin.)

After three episodes, there's also already so many callbacks, details and references that fans of the original series will remember from the show's original run. There'll no doubt be plenty more popping up as the series continues too.

Here's a list of all the ones we've spotted so far – did you manage to spot any lurking in the background?

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All the iCarly references and easter eggs in the reboot series

iCarly reboot: All the easter eggs and references from the original series (so far)
iCarly reboot: All the easter eggs and references from the original series (so far). Picture: Paramount+

Episode 1

The first episode is jam packed with references to the original series, particularly when Carly returns to the old studio. Fans get a glimpse at some old costumes, including George the ghost story-telling bra, the idiot farm girl's moustache and the iconic Sack. There's also plenty of callbacks and details around Spencer's apartment that fans of the original series will no doubt recognise.

1) The photos on Spencer's table behind the sofa are iCarly promotional images from way back in the day.

Look at them! Babies!

2) The smartphones have the iconic Pear phone logo on them.

Pear phones have come a long way in 8 years... Although, we do kinda miss that chaotic pear-shaped phone. Surely there's an old one lying around somewhere, waiting for its big cameo moment?

3) The gummy bears have returned to Spencer's apartment.

After all these years, I still wanna eat one.

4) In fact, there are several throwback sculptures from the original series.

The Bottle Bot! There's also a glimpse at the giant teeth and the Mr Toasty sculptures in the opening credits too.

5) Skybucks coffee is back!

When Carly and Harper walk into Spencer's apartment, you can spot Harper carrying a Skybucks cup. We also find out that Harper works at Skybucks.

6) The Jonas Book of World Records makes a return.

As does the original Supertastic Sculpture of Stuff...Plus!

7) There's a reference to the barrel of monkeys that used to live on the window in Spencer's apartment.

While they're no longer stuck on the window, you can now see two monkey figures hung on the wall up in the studio.

8) We still don't know what happened to Carly's mom.

Carly dodges yet another question about the whereabouts of her mother, continuing the running storyline from the original series. Will we ever find out where or who she is?

iCarly reboot includes new version of the Pear phone
iCarly reboot includes new version of the Pear phone. Picture: Paramount+

Episode 2

Episode 2 gives fans one of the moments we've all been waiting for: The return of Nora Dershlit! There's also a couple of callbacks to some iconic characters and moments in the original series too.

9) On Carly's murder board, you can see screenshots of Nevel Papperman, Ms. Briggs and Lewbert Sline.

Reed Alexander is set to return as Nevel Thee Papperman in a later episode. (A Reddit user even found all three screenshots from the original series that were used on the board.)

10) Harper's comments while wearing the bunny suit is a call back to the time Carly almost died filming a skit.

While wearing the bunny suit in episode 2, Harper says, "I don't wanna die in a bunny suit," which appears to be a reference to the season 3 episode where Carly literally almost got run over by a Taco truck while crossing the street.

iCarly reboot: The murder board features pictures of Ms Briggs and Lewbert
iCarly reboot: The murder board features pictures of Ms Briggs and Lewbert. Picture: Paramount+

Episode 3

11) Miranda Cosgrove and Jaidyn Triplett recreate the Drake & Josh "Interesting" meme.

You've definitely already seen this one after it went viral following the opening credits release but it's too iconic to not include!

In the opening credits...

12) Carly re-wears the dress she wore in the finale 9 years ago.

It's not clear what episode it's from just yet but when Carly and Harper walk the red carpet at an event, it looks like Carly recycles the dress she wore back in the 2012 episode 'iGoodbye' for the occasion.

Did we miss any? What was your favourite iCarly reference from the new series?