Is Midnight Mass part of The Haunting series? Is it connected to Hill House?

24 September 2021, 18:40

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By Katie Louise Smith

Is Midnight Mass connected to Hill House and Bly Manor? Here's a spoiler-free explanation of how the series are linked.

Seeing as The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor turned everyone into a fan of Mike Flanagan's horror anthology series, many people are now wondering whether or not his new show Midnight Mass is also linked to it.

Midnight Mass, Netflix's latest horror series, will no doubt take over the streaming service once people become absolutely hooked on the show.

The cast features plenty of familiar faces who also played roles in Hill House and Bly Manor – but does it have any connections to those two series at all? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Midnight Mass part of the Haunting series?

Is Midnight Mass part of the Haunting series?
Is Midnight Mass part of the Haunting series? Picture: Netflix

To cut a long story short, no. Midnight Mass is a standalone limited series. It is not part of the Haunting series, and it doesn't have any storyline connections to either Hill House or Bly Manor.

The only connections between the two are the similar themes that run through the series (addiction, trauma, guilt...) and a handful of actors that have appeared in the Haunting shows.

While the Haunting series features stories based on classic horror novels, Midnight Mass is a completely original story created and written by Mike Flanagan that draws from the Bible.

In fact, Flanagan has been teasing the project ever since 2016 when he wrote it into the storyline of his horror movie Hush. The fictional novel also appears as an easter egg in Gerald's Game too.

Flanagan recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the Midnight Mass novel was originally meant to be included as an easter egg in a scene with Steven Crain in The Haunting of Hill House, but plans fell through when the physical copies of the book vanished ahead of filming. The book never made it into the show.

Kate Siegel has had roles in Hill House, Bly Manor and Midnight Mass
Kate Siegel has had roles in Hill House, Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Haunting of Hill House season 3?

Fans hoping to see the third instalment of the Haunting anthology might be waiting a long time as there are currently no plans to continue that franchise at the moment.

Back in 2020, shortly after the release of Bly Manor, Flanagan replied to a fan on Twitter asking about the future of the series, saying: “At the moment there are no plans for more chapters."

"Never say never, of course, but right now we are focused on a full slate of other [Intrepid Pictures] projects for 2021 and beyond. If things change we will absolutely let everyone know!"

Flanagan's next Netflix series is titled The Midnight Club and is expected to be released in 2022.